Date:                       October 29, 2021


                                                                                                                    Save the Persecuted Christians

Here are the 26 teens, aged 13-15, in our safe house in PK praying. They thank all intercessors for your prayers.

I apologize it has been a while since my last update. Alongside many others, I have been laboring night and day to help save the most vulnerable from the tyranny of the Taliban in Afghanistan. But, after the initial flurry of media coverage and social media posts, it was determined that for the sake of those still in Afghanistan it was best not to amplify these operations in the media and on social platforms. I am still holding to that directive. I prayerfully ask that you keep this concern in mind as you read through the rest of this note.

Save the Persecuted Christians and our coalition partners have been privileged to see God work many miracles. We have also experienced moments of heartwrenching disappointment.

What I can tell you is that there is an amazing and heroic body of humanitarians hard at work in multiple nations to coordinate efforts to secure liberty for tens of thousands of U.S. allies and at-risk Christian minorities. Thousands have been moved out of the country and these efforts are ongoing. These evacuees are stringently vetted, unlike many who were initially flown into the U.S. by the administration without any proof of their identities.

For our part, Save the Persecuted Christians has been assisting over 400 Christian refugees who have made their way to Pakistan. We have also successfully coordinated the evacuation by air of some SIV, P1 & P2, and Christian families. We are working to coordinate legal aid and sponsorships for these families.

Late last month, we were able to secure the freedom of 26 girls who were reportedly orphaned at the Abbey Gate bombing, gathered up, and put in a shipping container. They were then transported over the border to Pakistan to be sold in the redlight districts. A longtime friend of Save the Persecuted Christians, whose mission is rescuing girls from sex slavery in Pakistan, alerted our coalition of the situation for these 13 to15-year-old girls. Through your generosity and support, and the efforts of our coalition partners, this pastor and his wife were able to rescue these girls and they are now safe. The picture above shows them at prayer in a safehouse provided by our pastor friend. These girls are in a particularly difficult situation in that they have no identity documents to prove their identities and sincere efforts must be made to seek out living family members who may long to be reunited with them.

These orphans and Christian refugees are facing difficult days ahead. Providing for their daily needs requires significant and ongoing support. And now, Pakistan has announced that all Afghan refugees must be officially registered by Friday, Nov. 5, or if found, they will be sent back. We have identified opportunities to assist them with proper registration, but every step along the way requires monetary support and the deadline is fast approaching.

We are also hoping to be able to continue evacuations by air and overland through our coalition partners. It is estimated the cost for evacuation, daily provisions, legal aid, and visa processing is approximately $8k per person.

Because of the self-imposed but charitable media black-out, it can be difficult to raise the funds from the general public. But, every little bit combines to make for a large pot of support for the heroic organizations carrying on these missions that Save the Persecuted Christians was formed to buttress back in 2018.

I ask each of you to prayerfully consider what you are able to do to assist with these efforts. We are grateful for your one-time contributions, but ask you to consider committing to a monthly contribution within your means that will allow us to sustain this critical work.

Thank you for your ongoing concern for persecuted Christians globally. It is beautiful to see how God is moving in the hearts of Afghans who have encountered the goodwill of Christian-based non-profits working together by God's grace to liberate the captives.

May God bless you!

Peace be with you,

Dede Laugesen
Executive Director

Save the Persecuted Christians

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