2022 February

I Won’t Watch the Genocide Games Campaign
PAKISTAN: Hindu principal sentenced to 25 years in prison on blasphemy charges
ERITREA | Patriarch Antonios Laid to Rest
RTI: Jeju "Mayflower" Church receives aid from UNHCR
Digital restrictions can’t stop Chinese Christians
Christians in Laos Face Hostile Police and Villagers
USCIRF Commissioner Sharon Kleinbaum Advocates for Egyptian Reda Abdel Rahman through Religious Prisoners of Conscience Project
Egypt: Copt gets prison sentence for blasphemy in further crackdown on freedom of expression, says rights group
NIGERIA | Abducted Priest Regains Freedom
Iran Forces Islamic Re-Education Classes
Four Travelers Killed in Kenya After Vehicle Hits an Explosive
Indonesian Army Chief Accused of Blasphemy and Hate Speech
Coptic Christians Protest Delayed Church Construction Permit
Pakistan: Christians in Peshawar Gravely Imperiled
USCIRF News Digest - February 8, 2022
FEC Will Track Clergy and Religious Beliefs
My Escape from North Korea
China/South Korea: The exiled 'Mayflower Church' needs your immediate help
Russian Orthodox Church promises help to persecuted African Christians
Editorial: Ukraine Situation Could Worsen Global Food Crisis
Church Minister Kidnapped in Kaduna State, Nigeria Released After 24 Hours
Myanmar Military Suspected of Killing Six Civilians, Including Four Boys, Found Dumped in Pit
Acquitted Iranian Converts Summoned to Attend Islamic Classes
Hardline Hindu Neighbors Attack Pastors in Northern India
"Mayflower" Church faces an uncertain future; ChinaAid deploys efforts for solutions
Secret trial scheduled for Christian who posted an encouraging message online
Chinese pastor harassed for six years after his release from custody
Please continue to pray for Burma/Myanmar
This Week At ChinaAid: Pastor John Cao's Latest Poem From Prison
NIGERIA | Binniyat Released From Prison

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