Date:                       March 11, 2022


We're so thankful for your prayers and support of the persecuted faithful across China. Keep reading for the latest on religious freedom, human rights, and the rule of law across China as we endeavor to expose the abuses, encourage the abused, and equip the leaders.  

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Xi's New Internet Restrictions Are Another Attack On The Gospel In China 
Past ChinaAid reporting detailed new Administrative Measures for religious content on the Internet that came into force on  March 1st.  Under the stipulations, organizations who do not obtain a license from government officials "may not disseminate any religious content or even allusions through the Internet."

Visit to read street evangelist Chen Wensheng's response to the regulations.

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 Please keep the Communist Party in your prayers, along with all those across China who face persecution 

Heartfelt Letters From The Mayflower Church To A Fellow Christian 
Thank you again to everyone who has taken the time to write beautiful and encouraging emails to Pastor Pan and the church. They are so thankful for every message. Write directly to the Mayflower Church at to send words of prayer, Scripture, and support!

We've posted another update from Pastor Pan & the Mayflower Church on our website. Two young church members wrote an encouraging letter to Pastor Wang Yi's son, Joshua Wong, who turned 15 on March 9th. Visit ChinaAid's website to read English translations of both letters to Joshua. 

Did you know the exiled Jeju Mayflower Church and Early Rain Covenant Church have a direct connection? Pastor Pan and Pastor Wang Yi actually know each other very well, and Pastor Pan signed his name onto Pastor Wang's 'Declaration For The Sake Of The Chrisitian Faith." 

Please keep Pastor Pan and the entire Mayflower Church in your prayers, along with Pastor Wang & family

ChinaAid's 2021 Persecution Report Documents Escalated Brutality Against The Cross
The ChinaAid team released its 2021 Annual Persecution Report earlier this week. Each year's report is the fruit of meticulous research, analysis, and documentation of persecution across China by ChinaAid sources within China. While not entirely exhaustive, 2021's Annual Report is one of the most comprehensive overviews of persecution within China across the last year. 
"Our report further confirms that the CCP’s war against religious freedom and independent faith communities intensified in 2021. The international community should be concerned about the concentrated effort against children in China that restricts access to religious information and religious education, especially Christian literature," ChinaAid President & Founder Bob Fu notes. 

Please continue to keep all those who face persecution in China in your prayers. 

Brave Street Evangelist Chen Wensheng Arrested Once Again 
This week, ChinaAid reporters wrote about the latest arrest of street evangelist Chen Wensheng on March 5th. Brother Chen has been a bold evangelist for the Gospel across China for many years and often eats just one meal per day. 

He's rejected money sent from fellow Christians via WeChat, writing how "God’s grace is sufficient. I lack nothing. I only eat one meal a day not because I don’t have money to buy food, but because I don’t need much food when I have a rich spiritual life. Furthermore, it helps me keep a strong spiritual life."

Chen has also shared the Gospel on the streets with his mom and has been arrested numerous times for his faith. He also has an amazing testimony, having been a former gang member and drug addict. 

In his words..."I used to be a gangster. My temper was so bad that I would assault people with a knife in minor arguments. I was a drug addict, but then I became a Christian. I changed a lot. I'm gentler and more patient now."

Please keep Brother Chen & his family in your prayers

ChinaAid Exclusive: The Inside Story Of Xinjiang's Concentration Camps
Please be on the lookout for a new interview series ChinaAid is publishing on our website with Serikzhan Bilash, a Kazakh human rights activist. Serikzhan and his team have collected a large amount of witness testimonies and videos about the Xinjiang concentration camps. He's faced immense persecution for his work. 

"The authorities couldn’t do anything, so they threatened me and said, “Why don’t we have a car accident. A big truck runs over a small car, you end up dying, and that leaves your wife and three little kids behind; how do you feel,"" Serikzhan explains in the interview when asked about the actions of the Kazakh government against him. 

Check out Part 1 of the interview on ChinaAid's website by clicking here

Please keep Serikzhan and his fellow team members in your prayers. 

CCP Officials Detain & Disappear Bold Christian Brothers & Sisters In Christ
ChinaAid reporting teams wrote about a couple of instances where Communist Party officials brutally cracked down on Christian believers. 

Just a few days ago, authorities arrested Zhou Jinxia after she returned from preaching the Gospel to Xi Jinping. She had travelled to where the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party is located in Beijing and held a placard at Xinhua gate on Chang’an Street, Beijing. 

Christian human rights activist Li Yu was disappeared by police after calling on the government to hold a formal investigation into the 'chained woman' case. The case of a chained woman in a rural village has sparked an uproar among the Chinese public, with a video of her published by a vlogger generating nearly 2 billion social media clicks. 

Please keep Zhou, Li, and the chained woman in your prayers 

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