Christian Family Driven Away in Southern Laos Threatened Again


Date:  March 26, 2022

Laos (International Christian Concern) – A Christian family attacked and driven away from their home in a religiously-motivated attack last month in Savannakhet province, southern Laos, is again facing threats from the local authorities.

According to Radio Free Asia, after the authorities expropriated their land and hostile villagers set their home on fire last month, on March 15, this Christian family faced renewed oppression from the government for sharing documented persecution against them online.

On March 15, authorities in Phalanxay district where the village is located invited Seng Aloun, a widow whose husband was buried last December to their office. At the time of burial, local authorities and residents were upset by her family’s “foreign religion,” so they beat the coffin with sticks and struck mourners and pallbearers with clubs.

“At the meeting, the district authorities again demanded the family take down the posts and the videos of the burned home and the attack on the coffin, or to make changes to the posts,” said a local Christian who has been helping Seng Aloun and her family.

A proposed solution from the authorities was for the family to take down the posts and the videos of the burned home and the attack on the coffin, or to edit the posts, to which the family refused. They said they would file a complaint with the provincial and central governments.

Raising her children alone in the forest outside the village, Seng Aloun hopes that district officials can help find the arsonist as promised and the conflict can be resolved soon.

HOW TO PRAY: Pray for provision for this family during this difficult season. Pray for their protection from the authorities and fellow villagers. Pray for the truth about persecution in Laos to come to light.

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