2022 April

Pakistan will hold no-confidence vote to remove PM Khan
CUBA | Pastor Sentenced to Prison
Muslim Sheikh Poisoned after Converting to Christianity
ICC Welcomes Passage of the BURMA Act by U.S. House BURMA Act of 2021 Cleared the House of Representatives, En Route to the Senate
China: Taiyuan Zion Reformed Church raided— seven Christians questioned
USCIRF News Digest - April 6, 2022
NIGERIA | Nigerian Humanist Society President Sentenced to Prison
China/South Korea: Pilgrim's Progress: Comfort and the next generation
Armed Terrorists Kill Christians near Kaduna City, Nigeria
Nigerian Army Unit Watched as Militants Burned Christian Houses Last Night
Radical Group in Indonesia Obstructs Church from Gathering
Coptic Christian Stabbed While Attempting to Save Son From Muslim Neighbor
Two Pastors Jailed in Central India
India: Pastors on Death List in South Chhattisgarh
Chinese messaging app censors the word "Christ"
China: Li Yu prohibited from visiting doctor during house arrest
Unrest upends Sri Lanka
Turkish government concerned by Christian evangelism
Editorial: Pray for Christians in the Muslim World During the Month of Ramadan
Fulani Extremism and Violence in Nigeria Driven by Islamist Ideology
Church Minister Among 45 People Abducted in Niger State, Nigeria
Nine Egyptian Christians Arrested After Protesting for Right to Rebuild Church
Assaulted Pastor in India Faces Baseless Charges, Death Threats
Chinese churches register for approval after new internet law
This Week At ChinaAid: Chen Wensheng Thankful To Be Detained For Sharing Jesus
PAKISTAN | Teacher Murdered by Colleagues 
Russian invasion destroys ministry centers in Irpin
Death surrounds believers in Afghanistan
Please pray for God's protection of all religious minorities in Pakistan

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