Afghanistan (MNN) — The Taliban have accused Pakistan of conducting airstrikes against Afghan cities. Pakistan denied the charges. Local officials say 36 people died in the explosions.

In recent months, Pakistan has stepped up military actions along the border between the two countries. The border was originally drawn by British colonial rulers and is disputed by Kabul.

Widows and orphans

The unrest in Afghanistan has led to many husbands dying or being drawn into extremist groups. The women and children left behind struggle to survive.

Prayercast recently spoke to Deborah, an Afghan woman. She says, “Life is hard for each one of these women. One woman’s husband is actually still alive, but he has become an extremist. And she has to hide from him because he wants to take the kids away and threatens to harm her. A nineteen-year-old orphan called me recently to mourn the anniversary of her father’s death.”

Economic devastation

The price of food in Afghanistan has almost doubled since last June. Half of the population, including 14 million children, expect to face hunger this year. Some mothers have sent their children to work on the streets, unable to feed them.

Human rights experts from the UN have urged the U.S. to lift a freeze on 7 billion in assets that could provide humanitarian relief.


Deborah shares the story and love of Jesus with as many of these women and children as she can. “Just this week, I was able to share with another woman, whom I’ll call Farah, who was so hungry to accept Jesus. She wept as she prayed with me to become a follower of Christ. Please pray with me for Farah. Pray for protection for her physically, mentally, and spiritually.”

Ask God to provide for orphans and widows across Afghanistan. And pray they would learn of Jesus’ love for all people.

Header photo courtesy of the U.S. Department of Defense Current Photos, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.