Date:                       May 2, 2022



Russia (MNN) — Russian aggression in Ukraine rises dramatically in the lead up to May 9 – one of Russia’s most significant national holidays. May 9 is Victory Day, marking Nazi Germany’s surrender to Soviet forces in 1945.

Newsweek reported May 9’s importance in late March, citing Ukrainian military officials. On Friday, The Moscow Times chronicled World War II victory parade rehearsals in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

“Things are escalating; there’s no question,” Greg Musselman with The Voice of the Martyrs Canada says.

“It doesn’t look like the Russians are backing down; things are getting tense.”

On Thursday, Russia’s boldest attack on Kyiv since forces withdrew weeks ago came barely an hour after Ukraine’s president held a news conference with the U.N. Secretary-General. The assault followed “warnings” from Russia to Western leaders.

NATO members will hold a series of joint military drills in the coming days to deter Russian aggression. U.K. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said on Friday:

“The security of Europe has never been more important. These exercises will see our troops join forces with allies and partners across NATO and the Joint Expeditionary Force in a show of solidarity and strength in one of the largest shared deployments since the Cold War.”

Global response

As Russia’s eastern offensive gains momentum, Western nations rally support for Ukraine.

The United States is considering a $33 billion aid package, while the European Union’s plans for new pipelines will ease the region’s reliance on Russian gas. Canada labels Russian actions in Ukraine “genocide” and implements more sanctions on Russian officials.

(Photo courtesy of VOM Canada)

“There was total unity, which we don’t often see in our parliament; it’s been very divided,” Musselman says.

“We have seen the atrocities; we know what’s going on, and it needs to be classified that way (as genocide).”

Pray the Lord will help believers, church leaders, and Gospel workers on both sides of the conflict. “There’s the physical reality of war and destruction, but there’s also things going on in the spiritual realms,” Musselman notes.

In Russia, they’re treating this as a holy war. But, there are Christians [in Russia] that love Jesus and disagree with what’s going on.”

In the header image, enlisted Russian Air Force troops march in the 2019 Moscow Victory Day Parade wearing a ceremonial version of the office uniform. Each year, Russia holds massive parades throughout the country on March 9 to celebrate Victory Day. (Wikimedia Commons)