Date:                  May 3, 2022


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Liverpudlian grandmother arrested for prayer walking


Liverpudlian Grandmother Arrested for Prayer Walking

Rosa, a 76-year-old grandmother, was arrested while walking and praying during a COVID-19 lockdown in February 2021. Due to court backlogs, she is still awaiting trial.

During the first lockdown, she diligently followed the rules and took walks during her allotted period of exercise every day. And while she was walking, she was praying. Silently. In the privacy of her own mind, with headphones in.

She walked near an abortion clinic as she prayed about the issue that was on her mind. She was masked, socially distanced, alone, and silent. A policeman stopped her and asked why she was out of her house at a time where reasons to be outside were very limited. “I’m walking and praying,” she answered. But Rosa wasn’t praying in a place of worship, the policeman explained, before arresting her. She was there to “protest”, he said later when the fine was issued. She didn’t have a “reasonable excuse” to be outdoors.



Colombian Social Media Star Wins Censorship Case

Colombian social media star wins censorship case

Responding to a viewer’s question in a 2018 “Ask Me Anything” video, social media star Erika “Kika” Nieto shared her views on marriage while expressing tolerance for all other views. A court considered the video to contain “hate speech” and thus ordered its removal from YouTube.

However, the Colombian Supreme Court has now overturned that decision and dismissed the lawsuit. Kika has been cleared of any wrongdoing! Despite the ruling in her favor, we are disappointed that the Court refused to address the underlying issue of her freedom of expression.

Päivi still being targeted by prosecutor



Päivi Still Being Targeted by Prosecutor

We’ve received word that the prosecution in Päivi’s case is going to appeal her victory. This means her legal battle is not over, and there is still a long road ahead. Will you help support Päivi through this trial?

This high-profile case was alarming from the beginning. Päivi tweeted a Bible verse and then faced criminal charges under “hate speech” laws in Finland. We intervened, and the charges were dismissed. But despite a unanimous decision in Päivi’s favor, the opposition is not backing down.

This continued attack against Päivi is an assault on free speech, biblical truth, and one’s God-given right to share their beliefs. This is about keeping the doors open for the Gospel to be shared freely. Please consider giving a gift today and standing with Päivi. Thank you!



Areté Academy Europe Delegates

Areté Academy Europe Delegates

On May 1, our Areté Academy Europe concluded. This program is designed to equip and engage the next generation of Christian leaders to take up positions of influence in law, government, public policy, media, academia, and other culture-shaping institutions.

The 59 Delegates from 25 countries participated in a one-year online training, and then came together for 5 days of learning from and engaging with world-class faculty, and exploring real solutions to the pressing legal, political, and cultural issues of our time. During this time, Delegates learn, worship, and grow together, examining what it means to faithfully live a vocation of public leadership “for such a time as this.”

Please join us in praying for this recent class of Areté Delegates:

  • Faith – pray that these young leaders would always submit to the leadership of Christ and make Him the priority in their lives. Pray for deep convictions and a commitment to speak the truth in love in their positions of influence.
  • Wisdom – pray for the Delegates to make wise and righteous decisions as they take on the most challenging issues facing our world today.
  • Community – pray for the relationships that were formed during this training, and for growth and support for one another as they face future challenges.