Date:                        May 13, 2022


We're so thankful for your prayers and support of the persecuted faithful. Keep reading for the latest on religious freedom, human rights, and the rule of law across China as we endeavor to expose the abuses, encourage the abused, and equip the leaders.

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Cardinal Joseph Zen Arrested In HK
There was a sobering development in Hong Kong this week after news emerged about the arrest of Cardinal Joseph Zen, the 'Conscience of Hong Kong.' The 90-year-old Cardinal has long been a pro-democracy advocate. His arrest came due to his role as a trustee of a fund helping pro-democracy protestors and activists with legal fees. 

Cardinal Zen was later released on bail, but officials took his passport. The Vatican said they had "concern" about the Cardinal's arrest and indicated they were watching the situation. 

News about Cardinal Zen's arrest came around the same time of a ChinaAid report detailing how multiple priests from the underground Catholic Church in Hebei Province have been forcibly disappeared. You can read the report from a ChinaAid special coorespondent on our website.

 Please keep Cardinal Zen and the disappeared priests in your prayers.

Lantos Commissions Holds Human Rights Hearing  
The Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission held a May 12th hearing on forced organ harvesting in China. Hosted by Congressmen Chris Smith and James P. McGovern, the hearing featured testimony from experts in forced organ harvesting. 

ChinaAid has long been a voice against forced organ harvesting in China and has engaged in several forms of activism to bring light to the issue. In September 2021, ChinaAid along with partner organizations
 released a comprehensive statement responding to CCP dismissal of organ harvesting evidence. We also encouraged supporters in late 2021 to take the #NotFromChina pledge to make a personal commitment and not receive an organ from China if the opportunity arises. 

Forced organ harvesting
 was also a discussion topic at the 2019 Taiwan International Religious Freedom Forum, co-hosted by ChinaAid with other partners. 

Please keep all victims of forced organ harvesting in China in your prayers. Please also pray for the politicians and human rights leaders who are working to expose this issue and hold the CCP accountable. 

Undeniable Favor In A CCP Camp
We at ChinaAid are proud to release the first in a multi-part interview series featuring Ovalbek Turdakun, who also goes by his English name 'Joseph.'  As you may recall, Ovalbek, who arrived in the USA in April with his wife and son, spent 10 months in a CCP concentration camp in Xinjiang. He faced horrific torture and abuse. 

Please read this incredible story on ChinaAid's website as Joseph recounts an incredible testimony.  He explains how he would share about Jesus in the shower with other prisoners as the water made enough noise in a prison filled with cameras and microphones to mask their conversations!  We look forward to releasing the next portion of the interview. 

Please keep Ovalbek (Joseph), his wife, and child in your prayers, along with everyone still jailed in CCP concentration camps. 

Prayers Still Needed For Shanghai 
Please continue to keep everyone in China in your prayers as the government's "zero-COVID" strategy is keeping millions in Shanghai and other places across China in perpetual lockdown. This week, ChinaAid covered reporting from the mainstream media about the consequences of the CCP's COVID strategy. 
Watch the latest Bob Fu Report for a comprehensive overview and breakdown of the Shanghai COVID lockdowns and the CCP's strategy. 

Please keep all those suffering from COVID lockdowns in your prayers, and continue to pray for the CCP officials and policymakers who make COVID-related decisions for China. 

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