Source:                        Global Religious Freedom

Date:                             May 17, 2022


Rosa could use your support

Last week, we introduced you to Rosa Lalor, a grandmother in Liverpool, who was arrested for walking and praying silently in the vicinity of a local abortion facility.

While walking on February 24 of last year, she prayed silently for the lives of these unborn children. A police officer arrested her, alleging that her actions were unlawful since she was not in a “religious setting” and because her actions amounted to “protest.”

Rosa was arrested, detained in a police car, fined, and charged under the temporary coronavirus regulations in force at the time. But Rosa is standing up, with support from people like you and with the help of ADF International!

Unfortunately, severe court delays have prevented the case from moving forward after Rosa pled “not guilty” to the charge. This leaves the charge hanging over her head. I’m sure she could use some encouragement.

This is where you come in. Would you please write a message of encouragement to Rosa? We’d love to deliver hundreds of encouraging messages to her as she continues to face this legal battle head on.

Rosa is just one of many, everyday people facing injustice for seeking to live out her faith.

So thank you for your prayers and support, which encourage Rosa to continue to stand for freedom, and allow us to defend her, and many other Christians, in court.

Thank you, and God bless you!

Austinn Hallman

P.S., if you feel led, please make a donation today to help defend Rosa.

ADF International is defending Rosa Lalor