Cameroon (MNN) — Bible translation work in Cameroon isn’t easy. A campaign of terror began five years ago and continues unabated today.

Yet Kevin Bradford and other believers partnering with Wycliffe USA remain committed to the task.

Beginning in 2011, “I worked as a language technology consultant in Cameroon supporting multiple translation teams. I was involved in about 19 different New Testament [translations],” Bradford says.

He also served as the head of crisis management for four years with SIL Cameroon. “We did not lose anyone to violence, but other organizations lost people,” Bradford says.

“There still is violence that affects our partners and our staff.”

On May 23, 2018, Cameroon soldiers raided a village and killed four men, including Bible translator Anka Terence. As described in a report to the United States Congress, “It is alleged that the soldiers took his phone, his money and burned his bike. His widow, 22, with young twins and a baby in hand, gathered her children and fled to the bushes.”

The following year, Fulani herdsmen violently attacked a Bible translator and his wife in their home. Angus Abraham Fung lost his life, and his wife nearly lost hers.

Biblical training and resources are scarce in Cameroon. (Photo courtesy of Wycliffe USA)

Remote support

Bradford and his wife left Cameroon in 2020, but he still supports translation teams remotely through resource development and technology support. “There’s just a great need for training and resources; not only for translation teams but also for pastors and trainers,” Bradford says.

“One of the first things I’m doing is increasing the number of resources Bible translators have in French, because there are many more resources in English than French.”

The commitment of faithful Gospel workers is paying off. At least 16 language groups in Cameroon are nearing the “finish line,” which means they’ll have Scripture in less than three years.

“Our passion is for the world’s unreached people to have access to Scripture,” Bradford says.

“In Western Africa, so many languages do not have any resources or any way [to] hear about the Gospel and our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Pray God will prepare hearts to receive His Word in their languages. May believers use the Scripture in churches and homes throughout their communities.

Header image is a representative stock photo courtesy of Vincent Lockhart/Unsplash.