Date:                        May 27, 2022


We're so thankful for your prayers and support of the persecuted faithful. Keep reading for the latest on religious freedom, human rights, and the rule of law across China as we endeavor to expose the abuses, encourage the abused, and equip the leaders.

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Persecution Escalates Against ERCC 
ChinaAid's news team provided several sobering updates about continued persecution and harassment against Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) members. After the canceled wedding of Early Rain Church members Zhang Qiang and Xiao Yu, officials surveilled or followed several associated with the church. 

Police even put a wheel lock on ERCC member Deng Yan on May 20th that had to be unlocked by firefighters. Police also monitored the home of Shu Qiong and refused to let her visit her sick father alone, instead taking her to the hospital in a police car. ERCC is one of the most persecuted house churches in China with Pastor Wang Yi still in jail to this day (please encourage him and write a letter to his prison address)!

Please keep Pastor Wang and family, along with everyone associated with ERCC in your prayers, along with the officials who have persecuted and harassed church members for their faith

CCP Persecution Leaves Christian Couple Homeless
A ChinaAid special reporter covered the sad situation of Christian couple Chang Yuchan and Li Chenhui. They've suffered immensely due to Communist Party persecution. The couple, who have four children, established a printing company in 2015 and sold many Christian books before their arrest in 2020. Officials seized more than 210,000 books after raiding the company. 

Chang and Li were both given seven-year sentences in November 2021 and were forced to pay a fine of $37,239 for printing Christian books. Right now, the family has no place to live after they are scheduled to be released in 2027 as the couple's car and house were forcibly auctioned.

Please keep Chang and Li in your prayers, along with their entire family and the officials who watch over Chang and Li in jail

Massive Xinjiang Leak Confirms Brutal Torture & Abuse
ChinaAid and other partners called for immediate action after a leak of police files revealed evidence of the brutality and torture inside Xinjiang concentration camps. Many documents in the leak debunked Communist Party claims. 

For example, the CCP has long argued camps in western China are voluntary "vocational camps." Photos of detainees in the leaks featured armed guards close by. Even Ovalbek Turdakun, who spent time in a CCP concentration camp and was rescued by ChinaAid in April 2022, verified guards stood behind students with shields and handcuffs during "instruction." 

A special website - The Xinjiang Police Files - has been set up to document and categorize thousands of detainee photos, more than 300,000 personal records, and 23,000+ detainee records. Dr. Adrian Zenz from the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation led a research team who authenticated and reviewed the information. 

Please keep everyone in concentration camps across western China in your prayers, along with the guards and leaders of these camps 

Cardinal Joseph Zen Shares Personal Walk Of Faith 
International outcry ensued when the 'Conscience of Hong Kong,' Cardinal Joseph Zen, was arrested earlier in May. The 90-year- old cardinal has long been vocally supportive of religious freedom, human rights, and the Hong Kong independence movement. 

Cardinal Zen made a court appearance in late May and pled not guilty to charges made against him. In the middle of the month, Cardinal Zen attended an online program and chose to share his faith and beliefs instead of using the time to respond to allegations against him.

Visit ChinaAid's website to read snippets of his remarks, which focused on a message to younger generations to be upright and  understand righteousness. 

Please keep Cardinal Zen and all Christians across Hong Kong in your prayers 

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