Date:  August 5, 2022

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for Professor Tarfa, his wife Mercy and the children of the Du Merci orphanages in Nigeria.

Professor Tarfa has suffered serious health challenges while in prison - most recently a partial loss of sight - and he does not appear to have regular access to adequate medical treatment. Professor Tarfa’s wife, Mercy, told us: ‘Each time l visit him, my heart bleeds and l ask, why this injustice? He needs an urgent intervention.’

Understandably, her husband’s suffering is taking a heavy toll on her.

Professor Tarfa’s lawyers have submitted a notice of appeal to the courts. In it they point out several errors committed by the presiding judge, Justice Narisu Saminu, when passing the sentence, including his disregard of credible evidence proving the professor’s innocence.

Meanwhile Mrs Tarfa is awaiting permission to visit the 16 Du Merci children who remain in a government-run home in Kano City for the first time in over a year.

Seven weeks after requesting permission, she is still waiting for a response.

Worse still the five youngest children remain in a rural location where they are extremely vulnerable.

How you can take action…

Join the campaign calling for the Nigerian High Commissioner to appeal for Professor Tarfa’s sentence to be reviewed urgently, and for all of the Du Merci children to be returned home.

Pray with us…

  • For Professor Tarfa’s health while in prison. Pray for his eyesight to be fully restored and for his physical and psychological wellbeing.
  • For Mercy Tarfa, as she continues to support her husband through the hardest of trials, and struggles for permission to visit her children.
  • Finally, pray for a swift and successful review of Professor Tarfa’s sentence, and the return of all of the children.

Thank you for continuing to stand with this family.