Date:                           August 4, 2022


Preacher Wu Wuqing (middle) protesting against abortion on the street
(Photo: ChinaAid source)  



(Chengdu, Sichuan province– August 4, 2022) On Tuesday morning, two police officers from Longquanyi District Damian Police Station summoned preacher Wu Wuqing from his home under the excuse that Mr. Wu did not do a COVID test. However, they didn’t provide Mrs. Xiong Meifang (Mr. Wu’s wife) any summon notice. Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu posted a prayer request letter and asked fellow Christians to pray for preacher Wu Wuqing. 


At around 6 PM, Mr. Wu Wuqing sent out the following message: 



Thank you for your prayers. I have arrived home. They summoned me under the excuse of violating the COVID prevention policy, but we all know the real reason. It was because of my Christian belief. I pray that God guards our hearts and helps us uphold our faith. Our God is an almighty God! 



On May 20, national security agents barred Mr. Wu Wuqing from leaving his home to attend the wedding of brother Zhang Qiang and sister Xiao Yue. The Christian couple’s wedding had to be canceled due to the police’s suppression. Police monitored several elders, co-workers, and believers of Early Rain. Preacher Wu Wuqing, elder Li Yingqiang, and preacher Dai Zhichao were explicitly told that they were prohibited from attending the wedding. Authorities monitored Wu and Dai during the ceremony.



Since 2020, Mr. Wu Wuqing has been summoned several times because he serves Early Rain. In some instances, they forced him to stay in the police station for almost 24 hours. Because he refuses to compromise, they occasionally cut off his water and power. Since June 4, police locked his family’s only exit from their apartment building. His family relies on food deliveries from online services and fellow Christians.  



~Yu Bing, Special Reporter of ChinaAid 






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