Date:                          August 5, 2022


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Hello from the ChinaAid office, 

We're so thankful for your prayers and support of the persecuted faithful. Keep reading for the latest on religious freedom, human rights, and the rule of law across China as we endeavor to expose the abuses, encourage the abused, and equip the leaders.

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Sharing Gao's Story With Nancy Pelosi 
When Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in Taiwan earlier this week, she was handed a book about Gao Zhisheng's torture and listened to details about his situation. Check out Bob's Twitter for more!

Gao remains in secret detention in China and has been twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his human rights work. ChinaAid awarded Gao the Lin Zhao Freedom Award in 2020 and helped publish his book 'Unwavering Convictions' about his "ten-year torture and faith in China's future."

The Jinan Presbyterian Church in Taiwan is also planning to hold an August 10th prayer service for Gao. 

Please keep Lawyer Gao and his entire family in your prayers, along with those in the CCP who have persecuted and tortured him for years.

Seeking Nominees For Freedom Award
ChinaAid has opened nominations for its annual Lin Zhao Freedom Award to be awarded at the end of 2022. 

In order to commemorate Lin Zhao and to encourage today’s heroes, ChinaAid set up the "Lin Zhao Freedom Award" to recognize Chinese citizens who are committed to promoting the progress of contemporary Chinese civil society and the rule of law in China. Lin has become one of the most precious symbols of spiritual fortitude for the Chinese people and the world. 

ChinaAid welcomes colleagues and friends from across the world to submit nominations. Read this article for more details about selection criteria and to send nominations.  

Please keep all those who face persecution in China in your prayers, along with their CCP persecutors. 

Strange Letter From Zhang Haitao
ChinaAid's media team wrote about another letter purportedly sent from jailed human rights activist Zhang Haitao to his family. Zhang's family last met with him in prison back in 2018. 

In a letter dated June 27 to his family, Zhang Haitao said, “everything has been good for me lately,” “no need to send money,” and “no need to come to visit.” He specifically cited his food and clothing, saying, “food is good; there is beef, mutton, chicken, fish, steamed buns, rice, vegetables, fruit, eggs, milk, and many others.”

Zhang's wife Li Aijie who lives in California, explained that she doubts the intention of the letter even if it's penned in his own handwriting. According to her, “since everything is fine and his life in prison is better than the life of people on the outside, then why has the family not been allowed to meet him?”

Li also stated the letter ended in an unusually bizarre way, with the words “thank you to the Party, thank you to the country, thank you to the government!” 

Please keep Zhang, Li, and their entire family in your prayers, along with the CCP guards overseeing Zhang. 

ERCC Minister Summoned By Police
Earlier this week, police officials summoned Early Rain Covenant Church preacher Wu Wuqing. They claimed he did not complete a COVID test but never gave his wife a summons notice. Wu, who was blocked in April from attending the wedding of a Christian couple, sent the following message out in the evening of August 2nd. 

"Thank you for your prayers. I have arrived homeThey summoned me under the excuse of violating the COVID prevention policy, but we all know the real reasonIt was because of my Christian beliefI pray that God guards our hearts and helps us uphold our faith. Our God is an almighty God!"

Please keep preacher Wu, his family, and everyone associated with Early Rain Covenant Church in your prayers, along with the CCP officials who persecute this church. 

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