Date:                        August 22, 2022



Sri Lanka (MNN) — Sri Lanka is in talks with the International Monetary Fund about a bailout package. IMF officials expect to visit the South Asian nation later this month.

The country’s worst-ever economic meltdown has triggered a political crisis. Last month, massive public protests ousted the president, and he fled the country. Now, senior officials expect former president Gotabaya Rajapaksa to return to Sri Lanka within the next few days.

International Media Ministries partners with believers and churches in Sri Lanka. “The Assemblies of God of Ceylon had pastoral meetings, and [they are] working on things to help their country and the church,” IMM Executive Director Denise Godwin says.

“[They are] continuing, as much as they possibly can, to live regular lives in the midst of upheaval.”

Believers in Sri Lanka partner with IMM to develop Gospel media resources. “It’s not a primarily Christian country, so they are using media to expand the vision of what Christianity is and spread the Gospel,” Godwin says.

“They’ve used our ‘Open the Gospels’ project, and they’re interested in [putting] the ‘Heritage’ project into languages that are regionally important.”

Ask God to strengthen and encourage the Christian community in Sri Lanka. Pray IMM partners can access daily life essentials like food and clean water.

“Even though they’re having to overcome things like no petrol, low food supplies, they’re persevering,” Godwin says.

“And I think we see that [idea] all the way back to the Early Church when persecutions began: ‘God hasn’t left us. We are not without hope.’”

Header image depicts protestors in Sri Lanka’s capital on July 9, 2022. (Photo courtesy of Supun D Hewage/Pexels)