Date:  August 16, 2022

Iranian authorities have detained a Christian couple at Evin Prison, Tehran.

Homayoun Zhaveh, 63, and his wife Sara Ahmadi, 44, were detained after responding to a summons by the prison’s administrative office on August 13.

The couple had assumed they were being summoned to receive property previously confiscated from them. No explanation for their detention has been given.

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Homayoun and Sara were unexpectedly summoned to prison on August 13 and detained [Image credit: Article 18]

Homayoun suffers from advanced Parkinson’s disease and his wife is his main carer.

The couple were originally arrested for their membership of a “house church” in June 2019 and held at Evin. Homayoun was released after a month but Sara was held for 67 days, including 33 days in solitary confinement.

They were subsequently charged with membership of an “illegal organization,” and in November 2020 Homayoun was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment and Sara to eleven years (later reduced to eight) for her role in organizing the church.

In March 2021 the couple were then summoned to begin their sentences. An appeal against the sentence was subsequently rejected, but when they presented themselves at Evin to start their sentences both Homayoun and Sara were told they could return home.

It is feared that they have now been summoned to fulfil their prison sentences.

Evin prison is notorious for prolonged interrogations and the abusive treatment of inmates.

Pray for the release of Homayoun and Sara, and that Homayoun’s condition will not be affected by the stress of further imprisonment. Ask that the Lord will sustain this couple and that the prosecution and imprisonment of Christians in Iran for simply attending worship meetings will end.