Iran (MNN) — Iran’s Attorney General says the country will review its mandatory hijab law. He also said the infamous morality police had been abolished, though the state media contradicted that statement.

Protests have raged across Iran since September. The morality police accosted a young woman for not wearing the hijab correctly, and she later died in custody.

Denise Godwin with International Media Ministries (IMM) remains skeptical. “Just a couple of weeks ago, they started killing young people who have protested. Iran has a history of saying what the international community wants to hear. And that’s regarding freedom. That’s regarding politics and other things to get what they want.”

Iranian Christians

Despite the danger, Christians are finding ways to help. Godwin says, “I know there are some organizations who are sending Iranian doctors and nurses or people who can get inside the country in to help protesters who are being injured.”

“Because if they go to the hospital, they’re arrested and not treated.”

About 60 percent of people in Iran are under 35. They know how to use social media and circumvent government restrictions. Pray many will hear about Jesus through these channels. Some will encounter IMM dramas that portray biblical stories through film.

As the Islamic government tries to crack down on protests, more and more Iranians are abandoning Islam. Godwin says, “In a country that declares itself 99 percent Islamic, only around 30 to 35 percent will claim Islam. So we’ve got a large culture of people who are not satisfied with the religion and the official storyline that’s been given to them.”

Pray for the Christians helping protesters in Jesus’ name. Godwin says, “They’re dealing with a crafty government that will do one thing and says another to the world at large.”


The header photo shows a protest at a university in Iran. (Photo courtesy of Darafsh, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)