SE Asia (MNN) — Unknown attackers recently tortured a pastor to death in Southeast Asia. Tim Landis with FARMS International says we cannot name the country or victim for security purposes.

However, like Stephen in the book of Acts, this pastor’s death already leads to something good. “It’s strengthening and continuing to grow the Church, even amid possible persecution,” Landis says.

A few months ago, opponents started sending death threats to the pastor because he was teaching people about Jesus. “This country does not accept something different from the norm, and he was very different from the norm, so he received several threats,” Landis says.

The opponents decided to make good on their threats as the pastor traveled to a recent speaking engagement in another village.

“When he didn’t show up to the church meeting, people started to ask questions,” Landis says.

A group of believers found the pastor’s remains near the road he would’ve taken to reach the speaking engagement. Authorities say the body showed signs of torment.

Police arrested this man in 2018 and tried to make him recant his faith. The pastor refused and continued to share the Gospel, Landis says.

“He was willing to die for his faith in Christ, the advancement of the Gospel, and the strengthening of the churches in that country.”

Ask the Lord to comfort and care for this pastor’s family. He leaves behind a wife, eight children, and several churches. Some of the believers in these churches participate in FARMS’ microcredit program. Learn more about that here.

“A large percentage of the work FARMS does around the world is in Southeast Asia,” Landis says.

“Pray that we’ll be able to grow those programs and that those Christians would not cower away. [Pray] that they would know and believe God is working on their behalf.”



Header image depicts the pastor’s wife and children. (Photo courtesy of FARMS International)