Date:  December 25, 2022

MENA (International Christian Concern) – Reporters Without Borders completed its annual freedom press index which reviews how journalism is accepted in each country. Within this report, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) significantly plummeted in most countries from previous years. The three countries that we see larger decreases in press freedom is Lebanon which dropped 23 places, Tunisia which dropped 21 places, and Oman which decreased by 30 places.

In all these countries political pressure over the media is an issue that directly correlates with religious freedom. We see that persecution occurs where the press is stifled and pressure regarding what can and cannot go out of the country can result in drastic consequences. An example of this is Evin Prison in Iran where many Christians, human rights activists/journalists are often imprisoned for crimes against Islam or the state.

Without free press, Christians will continue to be persecuted if journalists are pressed not to report the whole story or any of the story for fear for their lives or other forms of persecution.

HOW TO PRAY: Pray for greater freedom of press around the world. Pray for journalists to help shed light on global human rights issues. Pray for the gospel to spread throughout the MENA region.