Pakistan (MNN) — The Pakistani Taliban, known as the TTP, has declared its own government in northern Pakistan. The group even announced the formation of ministries to oversee defense, judiciary, education, and construction.


The TTP has increased attacks since ending a ceasefire with Pakistan’s government in November. In December, TTP fighters captured a police station and took hostages. The Pakistani military retook the station and freed the hostages shortly afterward.

Nehemiah with FMI says, “We have observed several attacks across Pakistan, especially Northwestern and Southwestern regions. The Pakistani Taliban leader, Noor Wali Mehsud, in his latest statement, said, ‘I congratulate you for your carrying out this sacred act. I instruct you not to surrender to these infidels and apostates under any circumstances.’ So the situation is very bad.”

The groups claimed 59 attacks in November and 30 in December, often targeting military and police facilities.

The TTP has troubled this area for a long time. A major military offensive in 2014 drove the TTP out of the region, though at the cost of many civilian lives.

Extreme ideology

The TTP promotes an extreme interpretation of Islamic law.

Nehemiah says they think of the Taliban in Afghanistan as being too liberal. “When we talk about ‘liberal’ Taliban in Afghanistan, they are doing public executions, shutting down all the schools, and flogging people. And for the TTP, this is a liberal. So just imagine what kind of ideology they have.”

Ask God to strengthen local Christians and churches. Nehemiah says, “We have massive ministry on the Southwestern and Northwestern borders of Pakistan. We have many partners who are serving across Pakistan and Afghanistan. Please pray for them because they are the ones who have been affected by the Taliban attacks recently. Pray for their wisdom and their protection.”


(Header photo courtesy of David Peterson from Pixabay)