Date:                            January 6, 2023


We're so thankful for your prayers and support of the persecuted faithful. Keep reading for the latest on religious freedom, human rights, and the rule of law across China.

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News & Updates

Persecution Highlighted In Open Letter
Christian attorney Tan Xiuhong wrote an open letter to the mayor of Linfen City in Shanxi demanding local officials to stop Christian persecution. In her note, Tan told Mayor Li Yunfeng that authorities should stop persecuting Christian churches and release those jailed for their faith. Visit ChinaAid's website to see the Scriptures she shared with Mayor Li.  

Pray for all Christians in Shanxi province, Christian attorneys, Mayor Li, and all local officials who persecute. 

Preacher Li Jie's Mom Defends Her Son
Arrested preacher Li Jie's mom posted on social media defending her son after he was arrested on "fraud" charges. Li, of Linfen Covenant House Church, was officially arrested on September 30th after being placed under residential surveillance in late August 2022. Li's mom Zhang Ruxin wrote "my son has never cheated other Christians, nor has he taken possession of other people’s property. Not only has he not cheated anyone’s money, but he often opens up his home and helps brothers and sisters in need." Visit ChinaAid's website to read more of Zhang's concerns that she hopes the media, lawyers, and civil society will pay attention to. 

Pray for Preacher Li and his family, including his mom Zhang, all Linfen Church members, and the church's persecutors.

Zhao Weikai Plans To Appeal Verdict
The wife of jailed Taiyun Zion Reformed Church co-worker Zhao Weikai received his verdict on December 30th. Officials sentenced him to two years in prison with a $4,379 fine under the charge of "illegal holding of materials promoting terrorism and extremism." Zhao was charged after police found documentaries in his property of the Tiananmen Square Student Movement and Xinjiang riots. Visit ChinaAid's website to see a photo of Zhao's wife, Li Xin, after leaving the detention center.

Pray for Zhao, Li, their three children, Taiyun Zion Reformed Church members, and their persecutors. 

Civil Society Activist Passes Away 
Sadly, ChinaAid received notice that China Democracy Party member Chen Ziliang passed away on December 24th. The Party's official stance is to make mainland China a progressive constitutional democracy - a goal that brought heavy persecution from CCP officials. Chen pursued liberal democracy as a party member and was taken away on July 6th, 2022. He passed away while in custody at the Jinyun County Detention Center.  Read more on ChinaAid's website about Chen's contributions toward a free China. 

Pray for Chen's friends and family, along with his persecutors. 

Media Appearances 

  • Bob Fu sat down for an exclusive interview with God's Learning Channel on 'Light of the Southwest' earlier this week. We will post the recording for those who were unable to watch it live on TV!

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