Date:  January 6, 2023

ICC provides Bibles to believers in Indonesia.

Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – Arib and his wife Amara live in northern Indonesia. They serve as pastors at a small local church they finished constructing over two years ago. Additionally, Arib works as a teacher at a school in his village. Unfortunately, their church has recently faced extreme backlash from their majority Muslim community. Arib recently told ICC, “We find it difficult to worship in the place we built two years ago. The local community rejected the church’s existence in the area.”  

Local authorities have begun constantly monitoring and opposing the activity of the church. A meeting was held to discuss this, and the authorities asked that we carry out worship activities at various church members’ homes rather than in the church building. In order to make it difficult for the congregation to worship, authorities have stated that they are not allowed to have a single place of worship.   

Even though they have had their own church building for two years, congregants are fighting to be able to continue worshipping in it.   

While the struggle to worship at his church was going on, Arib saw that one of the local schools did not offer a course where students could learn about religions besides Islam. He volunteered to teach a Christian education course for free. Initially, the school principal disapproved of Christian religious lessons because the school was predominantly Muslim, but Arib insisted on teaching and questioned the students’ right to receive Christian religious studies. Finally, the school board approved his request, and he now teaches his class every Friday.  

A significant problem faced by the church and school where Arib serves is a lack of Bibles in their local language. Recently, Arib contacted a staff member with International Christian Concern (ICC) and inquired about receiving funding to purchase Bibles for the church and school. As a result, ICC was able to provide Arib with 60 Bibles for use in the church and the school.  

HOW TO PRAY: Pray for the Word of God to be available to all people groups. Pray for these Bibles to touch the hearts of the recipients. Pray for this church’s protection from its surrounding community.