Date:                              January 20, 2023


News & Updates

Tang Jitian Emerges After Forced Disappearance 
In good news from this week - famous human rights lawyer Tang Jitian re-emerged after 398 days of unjust detainment. Tang posted on his WeChat social media account on January 14th, 2023 and expressed gratitude for all those who supported him when he was not free. It's not yet known why Tang was originally detained by officials in Jilin.

Here's the joint petition co-signed by ChinaAid President Bob Fu calling for Tang's release in June 2022. 

Pray for Tang, his family and friends, and for miraculous healing for his daughter. She's on life support in Japan due to complications from tuberculosis. Tang was stopped from visiting her in Japan by Chinese police in June 2021.

Nangang Church Destroyed Overnight
Officials demolished Nangang Church in Wenzhou on the evening of January 11th and sent armed police to confront Christians. Video reports showed police engaging in physical confrontations with believers. The church was totally destroyed without a compensation plan for church leadership. 

Here's why Wenzhou often faces some of the harshest CCP persecution across China. Partner to support Nangang Church through ChinaAid's emergency support fund.

Pray for Nangang Church congregants, church leadership, all Wenzhou CCP officials, the demolition team. and armed police who were at the church on the night of the church destruction. 

New Poem From Pastor John Cao
ChinaAid's media team published a new translated poem from jailed Pastor John Cao. The short piece focused on Hebrews 13:3 and was sent to ChinaAid by Pastor Cao's mother to encourage the Body of Christ.

Read more of Pastor Cao's translated prison poems in ChinaAid's original publication, Living Lyrics.

Pray for Pastor Cao as he remains in jail, his family, and persecutors. You can write an encouraging note to Pastor Cao by clicking here.

Jailed Christian Released 
Officials released jailed Christian Lin Xuesui on January 14th after his arrest at a Sunday church service back in June 2022 on the charge of "organizing and funding an illegal gathering." Lin was released after a Chinese court allowed him to return home to take care of his father who is sick with COVID-19. 

A note from Lin's wife Li Chunqin hoping that God raises "more people who love Him through such tribulation." 

Pray for Lin, his family, his fellow church community members, and his persecutors. 

Jailed Elder Hao Ming Meets With Lawyer
Elder Hao Ming's attorney Zhu Shujin met with him in the detention center, according to ChinaAid media reports. Lawyer Zhu said Elder Hao recites the Apostles Creed silently each Sunday, as he has no access to a Bible or other Christian believers. Elder Hao refuses to admit to the CCP's fake 'fraud' charges against him. 

Here's the Scripture Elder Hao asked Lawyer Zhu to read to him at the end of the visit.

Pray for Elder Hao, all members of Qingcaodi Church, Lawyer Zhu, and the prison officials watching over Elder Hao. Here's a prayer request letter from Elder Hao's wife from earlier this month. 

Church Minister Treated With Respect In Jail
New reports reveal that Church of the Rock minister Geng Zejun is treated with respect by guards and prisoners, though his health is not good. Minister Geng was originally arrested in December 2021 and handed a sentence of one year and three months in jail in August 2022 for "organizing illegal gatherings."

Why Geng's wife Hao Ying believes "God is with him regardless of where he is."

Pray for Minister Geng, his family, all Church of the Rock congregants, and the other prisoners and guards with Minister Geng. 

 Media Appearances

  • Bob Fu's interview on God's Learning Channel "Light of the Southwest" program.  

  • Bob Fu breaks down how the CCP has handled COVID-19 across the country and explains how the nation went from "Zero COVID to unlimited COVID" in Bob Fu Report #43.
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Mayflower Church Update 

We're celebrating the birthday's of Mayflower Church leader Pastor Pan, his wife Zipporah, and his son Paul! Please keep this family in your prayers. 

You can spiritually adopt Pastor Pan's or any other Mayflower Church family by clicking here.

Did you know you can change the life of a Mayflower Church member for just $5? Join our new $FiveForFreedom campaign to partner to cover daily food expenses for Mayflower Church members. 

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