Date:  January 11, 2023

Iran (International Christian Concern) – Iran has been in a state of unrest for the past four months after the morality police detained and caused the death of Mahsa Amini for an ill-fitting Hijab. Since the beginning of the protests, the Islamic Regime has denied any resulting government level effects from these events. The reality is that this movement in Iran looks more like an uprising against the Islamic Regime, and the Government is responding by inflicting harm and harsh punishments on those who are “caught” participating.

Iran’s Office of the prosecutor-general is responding to a call from remine loyalist for the forceful return of the hijab for women by adding extreme punishments to those who do not abide by these laws. According to Al-Monitor, a middle east news agency, “The new laws will go even further concerning those found to be 'encouraging' lax hijab, landing them up to 10 years in prison for moral ‘corruption,’ according to the deputy prosecutor.” Laws in Iran previously included 10 days- 2 months in prison, but with these radically oppressive new policies, women could be facing excessive sentences for going against the regime. This doesn’t include the roughly 500 people who have been killed, over 18,000 who have been arrested, 11 who have been sentenced to death, and the 15 more who could face the death penalty.

Religious persecution is an issue that all Iranians face and they are now fighting against the Regime who are enforcing radical Islam onto its citizens. Christians are facing pushback against from officials who are monitoring their participation in these protests, making life increasing more difficult than it already was for them.

HOW TO PRAY: Pray for these protests to be carried out peacefully. Pray for the release of those who are wrongfully imprisoned in Iran. Pray for greater religious freedom in Iran.