Date:                           January 28, 2023


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Religious Freedom is for Everyone: Europe’s Top Human Rights Court Condemns Bulgaria for Discriminating Against Christians


The European Court of Human Rights has condemned the government of Bulgaria for violating the right to religious freedom of Evangelical Christians in the country. The Court held that a campaign by government officials to warn children and families away from Protestant churches constituted a violation of human rights.



Nigeria’s Death-for-Blasphemy Laws Slammed at European Parliament as Musician Brings Case to Supreme Court


While a Sufi musician waits to hear if he’ll face the death penalty for his “blasphemy” in a high-profile case at the Nigerian Supreme Court, Italian MEP Carlo Fidanza has called attention to the persecution of religious minorities internationally through the criminalization of “blasphemy” in countries such as Nigeria.

Päivi Räsänen preparing for trial


Don’t Let the Censorship Mobs Silence Christian Convictions and Freedom of Speech!


As you read this, Päivi Räsänen is preparing to face another trial at the Finnish Court of Appeals.


You may recall that in 2022, Päivi was tried at the Helsinki District Court on charges of “hate speech” – alongside Bishop Juhana Pohjola – simply for sharing their deeply held beliefs about sexuality and marriage.


After a lengthy legal battle, and thanks to your prayers and support, Päivi was acquitted of all charges. But the prosecution appealed the decision.


Finland’s constitution protects freedom of speech and freedom of religion. But as Päivi — and her team of ADF International attorneys — face a renewed attack from the government officials bent on silencing her, she’s holding fast to her convictions while weathering the slander against her.


We will always stand up to defend free speech because it’s the hallmark of our society; to share and debate ideas freely, new, and old. And for Christians, to share our faith and spread the Gospel.


That’s why we must do all that we can to keep this freedom from further cultural and legal decay.


As we gear up for another effort to defend free speech again in Finland, we believe the precedent this ruling will set is massive.


But we need the help of friends like you. And so does Päivi.


Your gift of any amount will help fuel her defense and protect free speech for others like her.

Nigerian musician Yahaya Sharif-Aminu


Stand with Yahaya in prayer!


Yahaya Sharif-Aminu, a Nigerian musician and artist, has been locked up by government officials who are demanding his execution after he expressed his beliefs over social media. ADF International and local lawyers on the ground are supporting Yahaya — in a case that has the potential to overturn Sharia-based blasphemy laws in Northern Nigeria. Will you stand with us and Yahaya now in prayer?


Here’s how you can pray:

  • For God to have mercy on Yahaya during his imprisonment, and to protect him from violence and abuse.
  • For God to give wisdom to ADF International attorneys and allied lawyers who are supporting Yahaya.
  • For God’s favor with Nigerian courts to quickly secure Yahaya’s release.
  • For God to use Yahaya’s case to expose the dangerous violations of human rights that are inherent in Nigeria’s blasphemy laws — and that those laws will be abolished by Nigeria’s Supreme Court.
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