International (MNN) — Nearly 75% of the world’s unreached people live in just 12 countries — that’s 3.6 billion people who have never heard about Jesus Christ or His sacrifice for them.

Every month this year, Jesus Film Project is promoting prayer for one of the top 12 least-reached countries.

Ryan Wagner, Jesus Film Project’s associate director for digital strategies, says, “Here in America, I’m in Missouri, and I can go down the road and I’m going to pass five churches on the way to go to my church…. That is just not the way it is in most places in the world.

(Photo courtesy of Jesus Film Project)

“What we did years ago with Jesus Film Project is we wanted to look and see: Where is the Church, and where is it not?”

You can download Jesus Film Project’s prayer guide here as part of their 2023 prayer initiative called For the Least Reached: A Year of Prayer.

For example, the prayer guide features Indonesia this month. Roughly 70% of the population is totally unreached with the Gospel. Only around 10% of Indonesians identify as Christians.

“There are many great injustices in the world,” Wagner says. “The ability to hear or not hear the Gospel, we believe, is the greatest injustice on Earth. So we want to help bridge that gap for others to be able to hear and respond.”

As you focus on Indonesia and the other 11 countries in the prayer guide, please pray for unreached peoples to find hope and salvation in Jesus Christ!

Your prayers are a catalyst for change as the Lord is sending Christian workers into the harvest, and giving unreached people dreams and visions of Jesus.

(Photo courtesy of Jesus Film Project)

Wagner says, “We know through leaning into these areas that God is moving. We are every day hearing stories of people responding to dreams that they had the day before. And then, the next day, they maybe hear something from a church planter or an organization about the story of Jesus.”

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Header photo courtesy of Amaury Gutierrez via Unsplash.