Date:                         April 25, 2023


At Least 94 Christians Martyred During Holy Week in Nigeria
And the US Government is Still Silent

During Holy Week, one of the most important celebrations of the Christian church year, believers in Nigeria suffered injury, kidnapping, and even death. Simply believing in Christ in Nigeria can be a death sentence for men, women, and children—regardless of age, social status, and vocation. Though there was heightened awareness of potential violence during Holy Week, committed Christians in Nigeria still gathered to worship their risen Lord Jesus.


Simply believing in Christ in Nigeria can be a death sentence for men, women, and children.


At least 94 Christians were martyred throughout Holy Week in Nigeria. Our government is still silent. Nigeria remains the most dangerous place on earth to be a Christian, yet our government refuses to put them back on the Countries of Particular Concern (CPC) list. 


Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, a group of extremists raided a church during an early morning vigil. According to Open Doors, Pastor Gwadue Kwaghtyo was leading worship in the village of Akenawe-Tswarev, Benue State, Nigeria when gunmen stormed in, surrounded the worshippers, and kidnapped him, along with two other individuals. In the attack, a young boy was martyred, and two people were injured with a machete.


The violence continues. A guard watches over a destroyed church after a massacre of Christians last Pentecost. Photo credit: Sunday Alamba / Associates Press

Good Friday

Christianity Daily reports that three days after the aforementioned Palm Sunday attack, shooters massacred at least 50 Christians in Otokpo County in Western Benue. Likewise, Muslim militants stormed into an elementary school in Ngban on Good Friday, killing dozens of people—many Christians—who were taking shelter there. 47 individuals were reportedly martyred in this attack, with 40 others suffering injury. 


Holy Saturday

“This has been a black Holy Saturday for us out here,” said Father Remigius Ihyula from the Diocese of Makurdi in response to the attack on Good Friday by Fulani herdsman. Dozens of individuals were piled in the morgue, while others received medical attention.


“This has been a black Holy Saturday for us out here.”

Father Remigius Ihyula,

Diocese of Makurdi


What Now?

Nigeria now accounts for 89% of martyred Christians around the world. This number is heartbreakingly huge, but it barely even scratches the surface of what life is like for Christians in Nigeria. 


By refusing to place Nigeria on the CPC list, the US government sends the message that it does not identify the persecution happening in Nigeria as a problem. This has only served to embolden the attackers and remove pressure from the Nigerian government to protect its Christian citizens. Christians faithfully gathering to worship their risen Lord Jesus during Holy Week should have been able to do so in safety.


Burned vehicles after Good Friday raid on April 7, 2023, in Ngban, Benue state, Nigeria. | Courtesy of Justice, Development, and Peace Commission

You Can Make a Difference

This past November, we sent a petition with over 34,000 signatures to President Joe Biden asking him to place Nigeria back on the CPC list. Even with this added pressure and the amount of evidence showing the suffering of Christians in Nigeria, our government simply does not care. It is time to stand up for our brothers and sisters in Nigeria. We are gathering even more signatures in order to send another petition later this year.


If you have not already signed the petition, please click above and visit to do so. Join with us as we take a stand for the lives of our brothers and sisters in Nigeria. Let’s send the message to our government that Nigeria needs to be back on the CPC list immediately. Share the petition through email, social media, messaging, or word of mouth—help us get the word out!


*Sources include: Open Doors, Aid to the Church in Need, and Christianity Daily. Header image credit: Open Doors.


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