great wall of china

In China, where proposed restrictions to free speech could potentially put up barriers for Christians to learn, read, and preach the Word of God, leaders in Christian churches are needing to step up. 

Kurt Rovenstine is a partner with a ministry working to spread the Gospel: Bibles for China.  

“Fundamentally, our ministry is just distribution of the Word of God,” Rovenstine said. “But in the last few months, we’ve begun to think about and talk about how can we help with this problem of leadership.”

Rovenstine recounted part of China’s history that included overt persecution of Christians under the leadership of Mao Zedong and has left a leadership void in Christian churches. 

“We had a conversation last night with some of our Chinese folks about how difficult it is to find good preachers that are founded in the Word of God and understand the value of the unaltered scripture and that we’re not Chinese and then Christian, but we’re Christian. And then Chinese,” Rovenstine said. 

Roventsine, alongside Bibes for China, sees a two-fold approach when preparing how to interact with the crisis in China. 

First, while being wary of what is out there, also embrace what is available. 

Many are pulling away from ministry opportunities in China because they may seem messy or imperfect. Rovenstine encourages Christians to not run away, but rather embrace the potential messiness. 

“Ministry in China is going to be messy, and so embrace Bibles for China and other ministries that are doing their best in a difficult circumstance to take advantage of whatever opportunity God has given them,” Rovenstine said. 

Second, pray for leadership. 

Bibles for China has had success recently in distributing Bibles, but has felt a burden when it comes to leadership in China. 

Pray for leaders to be raised up locally and for the leaders to be able to get through the difficult system that is China. 

Pray that the leaders are put in places of influence and authority that allows them to make decisions to help ministries make a difference in China. 

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