Date:                         October 27, 2023



Religious belief surveys sent in Shandong 
ChinaAid learned that various K-12 families in Shandong province received a survey asking about religious beliefs. Questions asked about when the recipient became a believer and how often and where they met for religious gatherings. Here's a photo of the survey form, and more on how answers will be used to persecute those of faith in Shandong province.

Pray for the supernatural protection of all believers in Shandong province, and for their persecutors.  

Jailed Christian writes to wife from prison
Linfen Covenant House Church co-worker Wang Qiang wrote a touching letter from jail to his wife. Wang was detained in early November 2022 and was formally prosecuted for a fake "fraud" charge in March 2023. Read the beautiful translated letter on ChinaAid's website where Wang encourages her to practice godliness, patience, maturity, hope, faith, and love. 

Pray for Wang and his family, along with his persecutors. 

Arrested Hong Kong student extradited to mainland
ChinaAid learned a student who was jailed in Hong Kong for six months on a "sedition" charge was released on October 12th and deported back to the mainland. 23-year-old Zeng Yuxuan is the first mainland Chinese student to be jailed in Hong Kong over a sedition charge. Read how Zeng's heart was to "make a little change" for Hong Kong.

Pray for Zeng, and all Christians across Hong Kong. 

A call for prayer from Cornerstone Reformed 
On October 23rd, Cornerstone Reformed Church released an update and a call to prayer for jailed Pastor Wan Changchun who was arrested for a false "fraud" charge. Many other church members have been persecuted and summoned for interrogation. Here's the prayer request letter from Cornerstone Reformed Church.

Pray for all Cornerstone Reformed Church members and their persecutors. 



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