Gaza Strip (MNN) — Analysts warn that Israel risks a long, bloody insurgency in Gaza. Israel, the U.S., and many Arab states agree that Hamas should be ousted. But there is no consensus on what should replace it.

Meanwhile, fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas militants escalated in the West Bank on Friday. At least three Palestinians were killed. Israel confiscated weapons, ammunition, and surveillance gear.

As the Israel-Hamas war escalates and approaches new territory, aid agencies warn of mass starvation in Gaza. Palestinian Bible Society’s Nashat Filmon says his team is helping Palestinian Christians who are sheltering in Gaza City churches.

“Our mission is to sustain the Christian presence there and try to help the needy people. We’re working hard on aiding the people and [providing] food, water, medicine, and wheelchairs,” Filmon says.

“We continue to help provide food, but nowadays, there isn’t any in the market. There’s very little even if you want to buy, and the prices went up.”

The future seems bleak for these Gospel workers and the people they serve.

“The Palestinian Bible Society office in Gaza Strip [was] hit, and the whole building collapsed. Two of our staff got injured, several lost their homes,” Filmon says.

“After this war, where would they go to? That’s a big question.”

Yet hope remains. “It’s a devastating situation with lots of fear. But we know God is there, God is in the midst,” Filmon says.

“Please pray for our team. We have nine people down there. They are very active, reaching out and praying and blessing.”


Header image depicts the Palestinian flag. (Photo courtesy of Gayatri Malhotra/Unsplash)