Nepal (MNN) — If the earthquake didn’t kill them, the cold might. Villagers in western Nepal lost their homes, livelihoods, and loved ones in an earthquake over two weeks ago that killed 157 people. More than 34,000 homes were completely destroyed.

Now, with temperatures dropping, Chitry with A3 says, “Just this week, five people died because of cold. Some of them are very much afraid to spend the night under the sky, so they move to the thick jungle area.”

Aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal, November 2023. (Photo courtesy of A3)

A3 alumni in Nepal are trekking to the area with food, warm blankets, clothing, and tents – something easier said than done.

“The area where the earthquake hit is very remote, hilly, and very difficult to reach. Not every area has a motorable road. So people are really struggling and suffering not having necessary things,” says Chitry.

“But our brothers and sisters who graduated from A3 are going there, risking their lives, and struggling to reach there and trying to show Christ’s love and care to the people.”

It is Jesus that will make a lasting difference long after ministries and NGOs have left. Following the earthquake, Nepali villagers need God’s comfort and the promises of Christ.

“People are desperate. They don’t find any other hope there. But at that moment, with our believers going there, showing Christ’s love to them, meeting their needs and comforting them and taking care of them — especially the wounded people or the needy people — they are very much moved. They are willing to know Jesus and hear about Jesus.”

(Photo courtesy of A3)

Chitry asks, “Pray that this is the right time to reach people who can turn to God. [Pray] also [they would] see how Christians love them, hear them, support them, meet the immediate needs of the people, and they see Christ’s love there. Also, pray for the recovery of this area.”

You can give to A3 and help Christians respond with God’s love in critical areas like western Nepal.

“Thank you for this concern…and I hope that brothers and sisters can pray…and also show their love and concern and extend their helping hand to Nepal.”


Header photo shows the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal, November 2023. (Photo courtesy of A3)