Pakistan (MNN) — Three months ago, Christians in Jaranwala, Pakistan were attacked and their homes, churches, and Bibles set on fire.

We told you recently Mission Cry was headed to Jaranwala in Pakistan’s Punjab province to give 100 displaced Christians food and new Bibles.

Now, Rev. Jason Woolford, President of Mission Cry says, “When they got the Bible, many of them held it, hugged it, cried, and said, ‘We know God has not forgotten about us.'”

Bishop Slim (Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

Mission Cry missionary Bishop Slim is also helping. The last time we covered Bishop Slim’s ministry, he was recovering from an attack for distributing Bibles in Pakistan.

“They broke his arms, his hands, and multiple parts of his fingers,” says Woolford. “He had to have surgery and he said, months ago, ‘Reverend, when I’m better, I’m going to go back to distributing the Word of God because it’s the only thing that makes a difference.’

“I want you to know that he’s in Jaranwala now ministering and handing out these Bibles to these believers that we just spoke of.”

One thing is certain: Christians in Pakistan won’t be stopped or intimidated from following Jesus Christ.

But they can use your prayers.

Woolford asks, “Pray that these Muslims would have visions of Christ like they’d been having, that they would look into the spirit realm and see angels and they would repent and come to serve the one true God.”

Pastor in Pakistan with free Bibles from Mission Cry. (Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

You can also support Mission Cry’s urgent work supporting persecuted believers in Pakistan. Click here to give to Mission Cry.

“We’re so thankful that we’re continuing to minister to our brothers and sisters because this is happening around the globe. Just to know that we’re encouraging those people in that area and giving them the only thing that doesn’t return void — the Word of God — blesses me, and I hope it blesses those that are listening.”


Header photo courtesy of Mission Cry.