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Nigeria: Boko Haram Attacks Christian Village, Destroys Church
ICC’s 2019 Policy Day to Focus on Iran and Its “Terror Factory,” Evin Prison
China: Rights lawyer's case not found in court
Pakistani Christian woman abducted
Mentally Disabled Christian Accused of Blasphemy in Pakistan
China: Lawyer's wife begs China to let him come to U.S. for treatment
China: Henan removed more than 4,500 crosses
Hundreds of objections logged at eleventh hour by Barnabas Fund supporters halt deceptive sex education law progress
Muslim militants hold gun to head of Iraqi church minister
Children among 44 new arrests, journalist detained and pastor’s mother beaten by police as persecution intensifies in China
Muslim and Christian parents withdraw children from UK school in protest over LGBT content in lessons
Police raid two churches on successive Sundays in Kazakhstan
Progress remains slow as a further 156 Egyptian churches made legal for Christian worship
Iraq: From Nation To Decimation To Elimination
Iran Launches New Crackdown On Devoted Christians; Several Detained
Your Voice Matters: Stand with Human Rights Heroes
Ecuador: Borman Entered The Jungle “Scared” and Found Missionaries Speared to Death
Ministry continues despite latest Venezuela crisis
Algeria, Sudan protests continue; Arab Spring 2.0?
For persecuted Christian women, violence is compounded by ‘shaming’
China: Kazakh human rights activist receives two-month house arrest sentence
Pastor of Underground Church in Kenya Beaten Unconscious
India: of persecution, politics and prayer
New Christian in Uganda Loses Family, Plantation for Leaving Islam
Christian Brothers Sentenced to Death Under Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws

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