Prophecy for Jamaica - 11.27.07


Nation Under Judgment 

2nd Chronicles 7:14

If my people which are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, then will I hear from heaven and heal their land and forgive their sins.

God says that there is an evil spirit hovering over the island over the waters of the Kingston Mall in the form of a ravenous bird, this spirit must be prayed away as it influences the people and cause them to not have control over what they are doing.


God stays high and looks low upon our every deed. We have imported demons by way of the seas.  Every demon by name and with different assignments.  God sees that too and those responsible will be chastened.  Every thing hid in darkness shall be revealed because there are prophets in the land.  The blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is against every demon and legions on the island.  REPENT JAMAICA


God says we brought a curse on ourselves in 1966 when we brought a man to this island and publicly worshipped him as God, this curse is yet to be reversed.
Halie Selassie is not God, cannot be God and must not be likened to God.  Jamaica is known throughout the world for good and bad, and sadly we are easily identified by an anti- christ practice and religion.  

This anti-christ spirit has now become a fashion and even Christians are sporting it.  There isn’t anything fancy about being an anti-christ.  I trust our pastors will educate their churches. The people of God perish for lack of knowledge. Be ye separated and come out from among them.

We have opened doors to many other gods in the nation.  A lot of the blood letting is done because of practices under the guise of church.  Witchcraft and idolatry now fill the land, hatred and envy, everyone of his neighbor. The blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is against every spirit of the anti-christ. REPENT JAMAICA.


Pastors whose hands too are shedding innocent blood, woe to you.  Pastors who have left off pastoring and carried away with filthy lucre and the prophets who take bribe (Jeremiah 23 v 9- 40).  And for all this we still ask (for what are we being chastised?)

Those who seek after prosperity more than they seek after God.  Those who have been too busy to stand up for the poor, fatherless and widow.  Pastors who themselves contribute to the moral decay of this country.  Those who have been too busy to pray and have not nurtured the intercessors in their churches.  There is a WOE out to you pastors who have gone astray. ( Jeremiah 23)


Our men have not stood up for their families.  We have not entertained God in our homes, we have broken down the family altars and have not taught our children the fear of God.  We have stopped sending our children to Sunday School.  We have nurtured hatred and rebellion in our homes which have now gotten to epidemic proportion.

For failing to teach our children to respect adults and authority.  God says we must teach our children in our homes Proverbs 15.  By desecrating the family altar we have given occasion to the adversary to come in and steal the future of our children.   Our men need the Joshua attitude to rule their homes (Joshua 24)“ As for me and my house we will serve the Lord”

Get back to the family values.  Christians pray over your children at nights, cover them under the blood of Jesus Christ.  Families get back to Bethel, get back to praying in your homes, praying over your spouse, praying over your children.  The blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is against every demon assigned to destroy our families and children, the LORD rebuke you. The book of Zephaniah


For failing to accept that the answer we seek is with God.  No minister of security has the answer.  The problem we face is deeply rooted spiritually but has physical manifestations.  The uncircumcised philistine giant of murder will come down, must come down.  WOE IS ME NOW! MY SOUL IS WEARIED BECAUSE OF MURDERERS (Jeremiah 4)

The only government that will have a solution to this problem is the one who is brave enough to rule this nation like Josiah.  Jamaica needs a king like Josiah who will tear down the groves and altars of idolatry whether or not they were built by our forefathers (2nd Chronicles 34)

Jamaica can be redeemed but only if the Mordecais will rise up and the Esthers will show themselves, and the prophets in hiding under the juniper trees will get out.  The Uriahs will forsake pleasure and fight for the return of the presence of God.  (Jeremiah 23 v 28)

If this fails to happen then God will do it Himself through His wrath, baptizing this nation with a tsunami as only water can wash these blood stains away.  Though these visions tarry, they will soon come to pass. (Habakuk 1 and 2.)  Our farming and agriculture suffer because blood cannot fertilize our food. (Deuteronomy 28)

Woe to the Nation that is built by blood and upon blood. Except the Lord build a house, they labor in vain that build it. Except the Lord keeps the city, the watchmen waketh in vain. (Psalms 127) I urge the Prime Minister Rt. Honorable Bruce Golding hear the voice of God.  I urge the opposition leader Rt. Honorable Portia Simpson Miller to hear God’s voice.  Who will go for us?   Who will arise and give God glory?   Who will arise to open the door and let God in?   (Jeremiah 22)
Luke 11 v 44.  We are about to miss the hour of our visitation.  The leaders of this nation will not escape the wrath of God if they fail to truly repent.  Not with lips but with a turning.  A turning that will change the course this nation is heading in.  

God spoke a word over this nation that will not return to HIM void .  Isaiah 62.  The repentance God seeks from us will have to start with the heads of this nation.


It is time for a transformation but we say it is not time yet.  We think it is a time to add sin to sin, to call good evil and evil good.  Killing, stealing, lying, murderings, exploiting our children and our bodies.  For failing to render justice, justice for our children, our nine years olds having sex.  Who is having sex with our nine year olds?   God we need justice.  Avenge us Lord of our enemies.

Our policemen are weary and need to be prayed for. They being physical are fighting a spiritual war. Some of our policemen have become oppressed even by these spirits let loose upon the nation and some are even possessed by them.  Cant you see that there are  demons walking the streets like men?   Please take this to be literal.  HOW DID WE GET HERE?   The coming of the Lord is at hand.  The blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is against every blood thirsty demon and their assignment.  The Lord rebuke you. JAMAICA REPENT


Jeremiah 29 v 11 “ I know the thoughts I think towards you JAMAICA, thoughts of good and not of evil, that I might give you an expected end.   There is a remnant.  In all this mess, there is a remnant.  A separated, a peculiar people, who have not defiled themselves.  A remnant who will keep praying.

Pray Remnant Pray.  Pray that the leaders of this nation will take heed.  Pray that our politicians will put aside their pride and openly fall before God in repentance.  Pray Remnant Pray, that like Nineveh repented and escaped the disaster, so will Jamaica call a time of fasting.

Pray Remnant Pray that one day, either or both of our leaders will hold a mass rally in Mandela Park like we have never seen before.  A gathering for atonement.  A gathering for mourners in sackcloth and ashes, broken, before God.  Not a gathering for a show because God sees hearts not just look at our actions but our hearts.  A gathering that says JAMAICA TURN TO GOD.  A prophet has to say and do, what God commands him/  her to say or do.  (Ezekiel 12)

Since 2004 November God ordered me on a 40 day fast, then two months later a 21  days Daniel fast, 6 weeks later a seven day threshing floor where I forsook my bedchamber (Psalms 132) and slept on the floor before God, myself and my husband.   God just kept telling me He was preparing me but had not told me for what was I being prepared.

For the last three years, fasting has been my meat.  God revealed to me that He was preparing me to speak to the nation and call for national repentance.  In 2005 June, He sent us first to Mandela Park with a meeting, Called To The Kingdom” to pray against the crime and violence in the nation, which ended with a prayer walk to the House of Parliament.

At each of these meetings we fast for seven days which usually ends with an Esther fast.  We board in the parks, rain or shine for seven days with our children, even the babes on the breast.  Some of us sacrificed special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays to sleep on card board papers in the parks rain or shine.

In November of the same year He sent us to Westmoreland, to pray against the evils that prevail and the forces behind the evils in the land.  In February of 2006 God sent us to Pentecostal Gospel Temple to pray mainly against the system of Babylon and homosexuality in the island.

In May of that year God sent us to Montego Bay to pray against the Rastafarian spirit, then in December of 2006 He sent us back to Mandela Park after ordering a month long prayer walk.  He told me to tell Jamaica, then, “ Stick closely to your families and when I see the blood I will pass over you”

Called to the Kingdom has been a movement with a warning for the nation, high and low, great or small.  He told me then, if we failed to heed the warning, we would experience the greatest natural disaster ever.  Jamaica has not been without warning but we have failed to take heed.

When our former Prime Minister won the presidential election, she won not by co-incidence. It is God that sets up leaders, it is God that takes them down.  She was divinely appointed to lead Jamaica to repentance. I speak this not as an opinion but as a word from the mouth of God. We worried about intellect but God uses the base things of the earth to confound the wise and prudent.

David was taken from following after sheep to become King in Israel.  God is concerned with our obedience rather than our intellect and background.  There is hope of a tree if it be cut down that it will spring again at the scent of water. (Job 14 v 7-9) Let us pray God waters the stump. Daniel 4.

Had our former Prime Minister done what she was supposed to have done, she would not have lost the last election, but as Esther 4v13 says “ Think not to thyself because you are in the king’s palace you will escape more than all the people, because if you all together  hold your peace at this time, then will enlargement and deliverance come from another, but you and your father’s house will be in trouble.  Its not might or our power that will help us now, only the spirit of God.

I would like to encourage her to take this time to look unto the hills from whence cometh her help. (Ezekiel 33 and Jeremiah 18)   God is merciful and faithful.  I have spent the last three years of my life before God for Jamaica, praying for our enlargement and deliverance.

I urge the new Prime Minister to understand that this work is yet to be done or there will be lamentation, we will experience the funeral of this nation. Prime Minister if you fail to heed this warning I urge great and small, rich and poor, take up a lamentation, for the great and terrible day is at hand.  Murder has reached a stage of rigor-mortis.  God is no respecter of persons. Our position, status, race will not help us now.

In all honesty had God not given me a mandate I would rather to live my life comfortably without being concerned for this nation.  I would rather not speak and be free of ridicule.  I would rather not be chosen to be a voice in this time.

Its been for the last two and a half years God has been speaking to me about the Tsunami, I have sent out text messages, fliers, emails and word of mouth.  I told myself recently I will only pray for myself and my family that God will have mercy on us in the day of our calamity.

It was a word from God through my seven year old on the 21st of November 2007 that got me from under this juniper tree of rebellion, almost adapting to the rebelliousness of the nation, having complaining to God about the hefty cost and price to warn a nation.

She said to me “ Mom God says to tell you, He has been warning you about the tsunami but you do not believe.  He says you must believe and obey Him, it will soon happen. He says he is just giving you some time. God says if you fail to believe and warn the nation, we too will be destroyed.’

She went on to say,” you thought about what God said and started praying as you usually do, but it was still going to come.  You warned the island but they didn’t believe you.  The rains started and when it was about at our ankles the people laughed at you and asked if this is what you call a tsunami, because they thought it was just another flood rains, but you kept saying, this is exactly what Noah went through.

The waters got higher and that’s when they started to believe but it was already too late.  She spoke of alligators being in the water.  She told me how demolished the island was after the disaster.  She said “mom it was as if I saw the words and was reading the message while God was talking to me, but I had to listen keenly to hear Him. She said “He only spoke to me so that you would take it seriously.”

I am doing this for the salvation of my family.  I am doing what I am asked to do.  My job now is that of a messenger, which is to deliver the message, or a letterman, to drop off this letter.  Whether you read it, throw it away or just put it down is really never the problem of the postman.  By doing this Thanks be to God, according to Ezekiel 33 Jamaica’s blood will not be requited at my hands.

Carone Gordon
Called To The Kingdom
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November 27th 2007

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