Prophecy for Jamaica - 12.20.07



Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, The God Of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  “Because the House of Parliament will not hear me.  I have released a heavy spirit of confusion upon the land.

Confusion such as you have never seen before, because I am here to break the bands of wickedness among you.  The confusion will be heavy upon the Members of Parliament and their homes, everyone of you.

Confusion from the east to the west of the land.  Confusion from the north to the south.  I am about to break the bands of wickedness among you because you will not hear me, neither will you fear me.

“When I see the blood my people, I will pass over you, these things must come upon you before my time appointed”  (Daniel chapters 10-12)

Carone Gordon
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20th Dec 2007

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