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God is Faithful, God Is Holy


To the elect lady (The Church) it is with much grief and not by co-incidence that I watched the news last night. It was reported of a woman being killed on her way from church.   I would like to encourage the pastor and members of that church to stand strong in the face of adversity.


Sad enough but until Jamaica repents we will continue to be faced with such atrocities.  God is faithful and His WORD is true, He cannot lie.  Jamaica belongs to God and He is here to break the band of wickedness among us.


The warfare is a fierce one because of the level of spiritual wickedness in high place in this land.  Sinful nation, rebellious people.  The church has to be provoked to righteous indignation thus the death of some of our sisters and brothers and until we become angry enough we will sit and watch Satan create havoc and mayhem in the land.


The Pentecostal churches need to revisit the book of Acts and see from where they have fallen.  In Acts 12 Herod vexed the church by killing James the brother of John with the sword and it pleased the Jews, so he in arrogance wanted to do more.  Then he went for Peter.  Toward the end of 2007 God told me the apostolic church is full of weebles  (whatever that means) I tried doing a research on weebles but found nothing.  I do not know the correct scientific term.  Those I shared this WORD with bears me witness.


Can I tell you if we continue to sit down the enemy coming into the church to put forth his hand against more of the church.  Can I remind you that the church is a force to contend with.  Can I remind you the church is not a silent entity.  The church has a voice.


But while the Jamaican church slept because of drunkenness and our level of tolerance with sins in our churches at every level, thorn was sown among us.

Where is the power, they that know their God shall do exploit in these days (Daniel 10)

God is going to rise up some base people and insignificant people who know and trust their God to do exploit in the land.  God is going to show Himself strong and mighty in the land.  God is still saying to the church “ Where are you? “ but the church has now discovered in a time of war that she is naked.


Repentance is a turning, Hosea 6 and 7.  We need to return to our God, when God would have healed this land, the iniquity of the church was discovered.  Some of us try to rebuke these demons in the land with sins in our lives.  Cleanse yourselves.


The warriors in midst of our churches need to arise.  The guns will have no power before you.  No power at all it doesn’t matter who stands behind them.  Warriors mighty warriors 2 Samuels 23 who will lap like a dog. God need you to be strong so He can show His power.  Warriors Warriors, Warriors there is no time for rest, get up 3a.m in the morning and let your prayers break through the realms of darkness.   Those who are so led, you know yourselves.


Warriors you do not fight with men but with demons.  They must be identified by name “ Blood Thirsty”  if and when they face you, do not speak to the men but take authority over the spirit they are possessed with “ Blood Thirsty”  Be strong in the Lord.


We can by no means win this battle with sins in our lives.  In the book of Exodus the children of Israel were in bondage for 400 years, then God sent a deliverer, even Moses, then it still wasn’t easy because God hardened Pharoah’s heart so He could show His power.


The road ahead is long but keep courage.  The church has to find a fight, the church has to get vexed and then will God be glorified, vexed enough to forsake pleasure for prayer, vexed enough that fasting will become our meat.  All this is working together for good.


The church has to be vexed enough that when it loses one of it’s members and I pray for their souls’ sake they were not playing church but that they are saved, because God has not pleasure in the death of the unrighteous.  When the church loses its members it will be vexed enough to stand on the spot and in the blood of its members and ask God to vindicate.  Pray like David prayed in Psalms 109 for his enemies


Then will we see God moving either to those men destruction or their salvation. These things will happen to bring the church to Godly repentance where the church strip herself of her idols.  Stop where you are, stop sitting on the idols to hide them from God.  Get up, give them up stop right where you are and bury them.  Get out of  hiding church and do not be afraid.  Do not accept what is happening, it is not of God.  This evil in the land is not of God and He is not pleased.


We must come clean church.  The voice of God is still saying, too much adulteries in the church.  Hypocrites how can you rebuke the spirit of murder when you are adulterous and unclean before Me?   Too much sweethearts and girlfriends in the church of the living God.  Wash you, Wash you and make you clean. Can an adulterer rebuke a murderer?


Don’t you know these two spirits walk hand in hand.   Where ever the spirit of adultery resides the spirit of murder resides also.  You have no power over unclean spirits if you yourselves are not clean. 2 Samuels 11 and 12.  The workers of evil have more knowledge than you, they know you are without power because of the lack of sanctification. REPENT and do your first work or I will come quickly and remove your candlesticks says God.


My Lord God Almighty have mercy upon us.  We are as guilty as those who do not know you God.  They hold the guns and we pull the triggers with our filthiness.  Jesus Christ help us.   I am weary says God of your sacrifices and fastings.  Hypocrites.  I have given you my WORD but you refuse and continue to do your own thing says God.  Is this the fast that I have chosen?  Isaiah 58


Sin has filled and is eating out the church.  Open sepulchers (Matthew 23) filled with dead men bones.  Church look at yourself, menstrous.  Good God Almighty help us.  Like a menstrous woman the church sits before me.  I am not pleased says God./ I am not pleased.  I have been pleading with you but you have gotten too proud for me.


I have been pleading but you have gotten too comfortable for me,  I have been pleading but you have gotten too rich for me, but I am about to make abase the proud and exalt the humble in the land to do my will.  Says God, he that hath an ear, let him hear what the spirit of God now says to the churches.


My God help us I cannot manage.



Church remember Rizpah 2 Samuels 21 who sat at a hard place and was determined not to move until she had some results.  We must keep our focus and remember for what we are fighting ( For the presence of God) to reign in Jamaica.  That we and our children will be safe once more.  Our frustration has to be heightened but its getting there.  Heightened to the point we lessen our preaching on prosperity for the WORD of repentance.


With God all things are possible.  Do not try to escape the fight telling yourselves its because God’s coming is near.  remember when he comes He will be coming to our Caribbean counterparts as well like Antigua and other islands whose crime rate is nothing like here.


Even if our God will not deliver us we must

 not bow to the evils in the land, but I rejoice because things are shaping up for a mighty move of God.  The hotter the battle, the sweeter the victory.


Remember Zechariah 2.  God will be to you a wall of  fire around you and the glory/ in the midst of you.  He that toucheth you, toucheth the apple of His eyes.  There shall be no escape.


Carone Gordon

Called to the Kingdom

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9/ 1/ 08



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