The first or second Sunday in November, has become the ‘official’ day thousands of churches worldwide, stand with literally millions of our brothers and sisters in Christ, who are persecuted for their faith. It is critical for us to bring awareness of, to pray for, and to speak out for our family who cannot speak out for themselves.

Many Christians in the western world today, are not even aware Christian persecution and suffering is a continuing evil. Christian persecution has become a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented proportions. It might mean loss of a job, alienation from families and friends, being kicked out of homes, harassment, beatings, unjust arrest, imprisonment, torture, or even death.  Why? For simply loving and following Jesus Christ.

Below, is a listing several links for resources for International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.  You don’t have to wait until November, anytime is quite appropriate to let others know of the continued persecution and suffering of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Christians In Crisis also posts current persecution news from several sources on our website daily … click this link for all of the news headlines for the last week.  As a prayer resource, we also offer our weekly CIC Persecution News Headlines e-mail, plus the option of receiving our daily Crisis Prayer Team Release, which includes prayer requests from ministry contacts from around the world, in addition to urgent requests from our intercessors. Sign up for both is available under our menu item ‘Persecution News.’

I pray your church will join with thousands of churches worldwide and recognize the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church!  As followers of Christ, we MUST pray for the persecuted and their persecutors!!!

Invite Pastor Wally to speak

CIC Persecution Info Bulletin Insert

CIC Resources to Help Bulletin Insert

Ideas for people on ways to help the persecuted church

IDOP 2007: Hezekiah's Pattern for Praying

Commentary & Analysis; How to Read a Persecution News Story

Links to Prayer for the Persecuted Church Partner Ministries*

*Note: Some of these ministries, such as Christian Freedom International, IDOP, International Christian Concern, Open Doors, and Voice of the Martyrs, generally have great resources available for IDOP each year! Please check them out!

Christian Freedom International

(includes downloads, also for Sunday School activities)

International Christian Concern

(includes downloads)

IDOP (International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church)

(register for kit)

Open Doors Canada

(download kit)

Release International

IDOP Information

Voice of the Martyrs

(download kit)