Written by Brother Terry at the invitation of REMCO in Temuco, Chile ... published in a Christian magazine in Chile for Pastor Wally's 2007 IDOP Trip  (also available in Spanish)

“Prayer, the least yet the most we can do for them”

  For most of my Christian life, I was unaware that  Christians were persecuted on a wide scale  today throughout the world.  My son  attended a Youth Convention to hear a Filipino Pastor speak  and later told me about the testimony of this Pastor .  He said, "Dad, your life  won't be the same once  you hear his message. " 

  Unaware of the plight of our  brothers and sisters in Christ, we went to church to hear the testimony of Pastor Oswaldo Magdangal, Pastor Wally.  I sat through the service as if frozen to the podium, hanging on every word of his story.  Pastor Wally had been put in prison in Saudi Arabia, where he was the Pastor of the largest underground church in a country where it is illegal to preach the Gospel.  Pastor Wally suffered torture and was sentenced to death by hanging.

  He spoke of the believers in Saudi Arabia who were in prison and informed the congregation of the world wide suffering of Christians who are still harassed, tortured, discriminated against, murdered and in prison .  I was dumbfounded.  I was shocked to hear how many countries openly persecuted the church.

  After the service, we met Pastor Wally at a book table.  He challenged us to “get informed” and once we were informed to do something.  We told him we would. 

  Some months  later Pastor Wally called me on the phone.  We talked about the service we met in, prayed and talked about persecution and what we could do about it.  I was invited to join Christians In Crisis as Director of Administration and Special Projects as a volunteer for the ministry.

  Over the years the Lord has blessed and guided us to form a worldwide group of intercessors to pray daily for the persecuted church.  Below, we have composed the responses to questions we posed to the missionaries and contacts we have who are living in countries where persecution is occurring --   missionaries and contacts that our intercessors have prayed for.

  May the Lord challenge you to pray about praying with us for those who are suffering for loving and living for Jesus throughout the world.

An answer from a person working in a Middle Eastern country, where preaching the Gospel could result in imprisonment and death.

What affect does it have on you to know that people are praying for you?

 “Being in a place that forbids the worship of, or even the discussion about the Gospel and the wonderful work that Christ has done can be extremely frustrating. 

  The most important thing to me is to know that even though I may be physically alone here I am not spiritually!  Being a part of the network has allowed me to share in a strength that can only come from the united body of Christ.  Sometime people seem to forget that the most important thing about a project isn't the work itself but rather the amount of prayer that has gone into it!  The very foundation of effectiveness of a project is it's prayer backers.  Being 1/2 a world away from somewhere doesn't limit your opportunity to change a nation.  From where you are, you can be a part of the most exciting work on front-line missions in history.  Each day as I face new challenges I can be assured that my brothers and sisters are standing with me!  I know that 24 hours a day somewhere by someone I am being remembered! 

 That my friends brings a strength and boldness that cannot be described.  As we face new and growing persecutions, we can hold the line for our faith because of remembering those who are cheering us on.  I invite you to become a part of the greatest adventure in the history of man...bring the Gospel to the unreached nations!”

Has God done a miracle for you because someone prayed?

“I cannot begin to list the number of answered prayers I have experienced through the CIC network.  The most dynamic time was last year when we underwent a great persecution of our fellowships.  Many brothers were arrested and put in prison.  Many fellowships were broken up in raids by the religious police.  But a call to prayer went out through the network and God answered.  Within 10 days everyone who had been arrested was released.  During the time of prison the men only experienced a few beatings instead of the 24-7 policy of the officials.  At one point they were given clean cells and good food and water to eat and drink and then they were released.  The CIC HOPE network is an effective weapon against the plans of the enemy.  I am thankful for the never-ceasing intercession of those who have no idea who I am!  I know that someday I will meet them at the gates of our Savior and then I will be able to say thank you!”

Answer’s From Christians In Crisis Intercessors

How has praying for the persecuted church affected your spiritual life?

“When I pray for the persecuted I become more aware of my many blessings and more sensitive to the needs of others. When I pray for the persecuted I become less preoccupied with my petty issues and I marvel at the greatness of God, Who saves people all over the world and is able to do more than we can imagine or think. when I read CIC reports I think about the great Body of Christ all over the world and about how great our God is, who was able to create this Body and is able to keep multiplying it in spite of persecution.”

“Praying for the persecuted church has made the world seem like a much smaller place.  Remembering my brothers and sister in Christ brings them in closer to my side…closer to my heart.  They are not just people out there in the distance…they all have names, faces, needs, families, hopes…and dreams.  Praying for the persecuted church allows me to look beyond myself…and effect change in one of the best way that I can.”

What is the most important thing that can happen to a person when they pray for these needs?

“When I pray for the needs I'm aware that my character is changing and I'm more like Jesus. I feel the love and compassion of God when I pray. such things can't be bought anywhere. they are most precious.”

“Praying for the persecuted church is one way of fulfilling  the great commandments…To love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind…and to love thy neighbor as thyself.”

“Prayer, the least yet the most we can do for them”  Pastor Wally knows from personal experience that prayer is the thing that needs to be offered for our persecuted brothers and sisters.  That is one of the main reasons, he founded Christians In Crisis when he came to the United States.  God has given him a vision of awakening 500,000 intercessors to pray daily for the persecuted church.

Christians In Crisis is a prayer advocacy ministry  that has raised up thousands of intercessors, numerous of Houses of Prayer in many countries composed of believers like you  and  composed of persecuted Christians.  Persecuted Christians are praying for us and we are praying for them.  Won’t you be challenged to pray about praying for the suffering church?

We invite you to visit our website to find information on persecution news events occurring right now and to be further challenged to partner with the suffering church in their prayers.