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 1 Corinthians 12:26a

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PERSECUTION NEWS HEADLINES - for the week ending February 6, 2021


IRAN | Christians Ordered to Stop Meeting

CSW sources report that Iranian authorities in the city of Karaj summoned 11 Christian families for interrogation, where they were warned to stop their house-church meetings and not to visit each other at homes even for social purposes.

FMI sends team into dangerous area of Kenya

In the early hours of January 13th, terrorists attacked Kamuthe, a small village in Kenya.

Shandong Province orders: Do not publish audios and videos of preaching from online gatherings/services

On January 29, the Three-Self Patriotic Association and Christian Association of Qingdao City, Shandong Province, published a copy of the notice relating Restrictions on Churches in China’s Shandong Province:

Trial scheduled for February 9 regarding CCP charges of “operating an illicit business" for Geng Xiaonan and her husband

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities have officially charged Geng Xiaonan and her husband Qin Zhenwith with “operating an illicit business.”

Imprisoned Pastor Wang Yi's poem, Miss my Son, reflects our Heavenly Father's love

Two days prior to learning that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities had sentenced him to serve 9 years in prison during a secret trial December 30, 2019 [one year after being arrested], Pastor Wang Yi wrote the following poem:

Update: ChinaAid strongly condemns CCP's forcible removal of cross of 100-year-old Shuixin Church

At mid-night on February 1, approximately 100 Chinese security guards forcibly removed the cross of the 100-year-old Shuixin Church in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

One new case of COVID-19 prompts the Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau to suspend all “Christian venues”

On January 26, following the confirmation of one new case of COVID-19 in Zhejiang, the Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau in Southern Zhejiang’s Lucheng District, Wenzhou City directed all sub-district departments and religious groups to suspend all “Christian venues” and religious gatherings.

Public Statement by recently rescued, human rights activist Ms. Wang Jing

On January 26, following the confirmation of one new case of COVID-19 in Zhejiang, the Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau in Southern Zhejiang’s Lucheng District, Wenzhou City directed all sub-district departments and religious groups to suspend all “Christian venues” and religious gatherings.

Please continue to pray for Burma

There is some devastating news from Burma, and I want to ask you to join me in praying urgently.

Military coup is terrible news for Myanmar’s 4.4m “forgotten” Christians

The military coup in Myanmar is distressing news for the nation’s 4.4 million Christians, according to a spokesperson for Christian persecution watchdog Open Doors.

World Missionary Press sends literature to persecuted Nigerian Church

Despite Christianity being one of the major religions in the country, Nigeria is one of the most dangerous places to follow Christ.

Pregnant Christian Woman Loses Baby after Hindu Extremist Attack

Hospitals refuse to treat young mother-to-be.

Event Feb. 16: Engaging State and Local Government in Nigeria to Protect Religious Freedom

Please join the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) for a virtual event about engaging state and local government in Nigeria to protect and promote religious freedom. 

Pakistani Christians enslaved in labor camps to pay debts

Christians in Pakistan endure intense discrimination that often results in unemployment and debt. To pay these debts, many fall into modern-day slavery, unable to make enough money in forced-labor camps to ever be free again.

Myanmar’s Military Government Declares State of Emergency

11 Ministers Appointed to Replace Previous Cabinet

USCIRF Worried about Violence against Rohingya and other Religious Communities Following Military Coup in Burma

 The Burmese military, also known as the Tatmadaw, perpetrated a genocidal campaign against the Rohingya people, and these same military officials are now claiming power following the coup.

The military stages a coup in Myanmar

The military of Myanmar has staged a coup, detaining several senior politicians. Internet, phone, and television access were blocked around the capital of Naypyitaw.

Violence in Africa is Reaching a Crisis Point -- and Christians are in the Crosshairs

Each month, FRC's Center for Religious Liberty covers top international religious freedom news -- exploring challenges that believers face abroad.

VOM Korea sent 23,000 Bibles into North Korea in 2020

23,000 Bibles crossed the border of North Korea in 2020, sent by the Voice of the Martyrs Korea. But it gets better, Eric Foley says.

Christians in Kenya Fearful after Five Church Buildings Burned

Arsonists throw feces on the ruined structures.

Three Pastors in Central India Jailed on Forced Conversion Charges

On January 27, three Christian pastors were arrested and jailed on forced conversion charges in the Balaghat District of Madhya Pradesh.

Escalation of Religious Freedom Violations in Turkey

Churches Frequently Targeted; Justice Left Unattained for Christian Victims

Chibok Girl Escapes Boko Haram after Seven Years

Halima Ali Maiyanga, one of the many Chibok girls taken by Boko Haram in 2014, was able to escape the group just last week.

Myanmar’s Aung Sang Suu Kyi Detained in Military Raid

President, Senior Party Leaders Also Arrested in Coup Attempt

India, Madhya Pradesh: anti-conversion law ramped up

Protecting tribal culture vs respecting tribal liberty.

Christian Leaders Killed in Middle Belt of Nigeria

Building where youth conference was to take place burned down.

Pakistani Muslims Call PM Imran Khan to Protect Christians After Nurse Accused of “Blasphemy” Is Assaulted

A Muslim cleric and a Muslim staff nurse have urged Pakistani authorities to protect Christian and other religious minorities after a Christian nurse was accused of “blasphemy” and assaulted at the hospital where she had worked for nine years.

Indian State Governor Passes New “Anti-Conversion” Ordinance in Madhya Pradesh

The Madhya Pradesh State Governor signed off on a new Freedom of Religion Ordinance 2020 on 9 January; the “anti-conversion” legislation tightens the previous Freedom of Religion law that dates from 1968.

Nine Indian Christians Denied Bail on Anti-Conversion Allegations Take Case to High Court

Nine Indian Christians arrested under newly-tightened anti-conversion regulations in Madhya Pradesh State are to seek bail from the state’s High Court after bail was denied by a trial court on 27 January.

Please pray for Burma, following the coup

I woke up this morning to some devastating news from Burma, and I want to ask you to join me in praying urgently.

Christian in Algeria Imprisoned for Cartoon on Facebook

Father for four sentenced to five years in prison.

Please pray for Uyghur Christians, and all those caught in the Uyghur holocaust

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, shared these words at an event co-hosted by CSW this week, ‘Together for Uyghurs – a Holocaust memorial event’.




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