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 1 Corinthians 12:26a

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PERSECUTION NEWS HEADLINES - for the week ending March 13, 2021


Iran Christians Get Shelter in Hungary After International Outcry

An Iranian Christian father and his young son, who were detained on the Hungarian-Serbian border for 527 days, have been moved to a home in northwest Hungary following international pressure.

Please Continue to Pray for Professor Tarfa, His Wife and Their Children

Many of us will have been comforted and restored by these verses in Lamentations 3. The prophet Jeremiah had almost given up hope when he reminded himself that the mercies (or steadfast love) of God never come to an end.

USCIRF Releases Factsheet on Indonesia’s State Ideology of Pancasila

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) released a new report on the ongoing religious freedom implications of Indonesia’s state ideology of Pancasila, including the current status of the ideology and state-run efforts to empower it.

Allah ban lifted, but Malay Christians still face persecution

A landmark court decision overturns decades of discrimination in Malaysia. On Wednesday, a judge ruled in favor of Christians, declaring a 1986 ban “unconstitutional.”

Another Christian Girl in Pakistan Kidnapped, Forcibly Converted/Married

Police shielding kidnappers, keeping parents from 13-year-old, sources say.

Iran Continues to Spread Violence Abroad, and Persecute Christians at Home

Each month, FRC's Center for Religious Liberty covers top international religious freedom news -- exploring challenges that believers face abroad.

Shi Minglei, the wife of Cheng Yuan, a human rights defender, recounts her battle "fighting terror with faith"

On March 8, China Change published Fighting Terror With Faith — The Road Walked by a Human Rights Defender’s Wife, the experience Shi Minglei, the wife of Cheng Yuan, a human rights defender, shared.

Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls are Freed

It was a mixed welcome when the 279 schoolgirls were released after their kidnapping from a boarding school in the northwestern Zamfara state of Nigeria.

Pastor's Relatives Raped after Imam's Wife Turns to Christ

Mosque leader threatens church leader, plans attack, sources say.

Freed on bail after 4 years in jail; no evidence Pakistani ‘liked’ blasphemy Facebook post, aged 16

A Pakistani Christian accused of blasphemy for “liking” and “sharing” a Facebook post which “defamed and disrespected” the Kaaba in Mecca – the building at the centre of Islam’s most sacred mosque – has been granted bail after four years in prison.

What does the military coup in Burma mean for the persecuted?

David Eubanks of Free Burma Rangers shares this disturbing story.

Police raid Chengdu Fountain of Life Church during Sunday worship service; seize Elder Zha Changping, his wife, and three other Christians

During the morning of March 7, police raided the east campus of Chengdu Fountain of Life Church during the Sunday worship service.

Turkey’s Directorate of Communications Releases Report Justifying Genocide

International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on March 3, 2021, Turkey’s Directorate of Communications for the Presidency published a 290-page document in three languages describing Turkey’s role in Nagorno-Karabakh’s Forty-Four Day War in Fall 2020.

House Church in Chengdu Raided on Sunday, Five Christians Taken to Police Station

A house church in China’s Chengdu was raided during its Sunday service yesterday, before the police took the couple in charge of the church and other three Christians away for interrogation.

Kidnapped Pastor Set Free Hours Before Scheduled Execution

Days before the military coup in Myanmar (Burma) nationalist Buddhist monks demonstrated in support of the army, also known at the Tatmadaw.

Citizens Flee Dikwa, Borno State Amidst Terror Attacks

According to Vanguard news, The Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP) carried out multiple attacks on the town of Dikwa, Borno State in northeastern Nigeria this past week, causing residents to flee for their safety.

Algeria: Fragile State - Intense Spiritual Struggle

On 27 February officials in Oran - a coastal city some 420km west of Algiers - paid a visit to the Oratoire (place of worship) church.

Christian Mother Expelled from Village, Threatened with Death

Tribal woman kept from harvesting annual food supply.

Kidnapped Nigerian Pastor Released by Boko Haram March 5, 2021

Pastor Bulus Yakuru was released by Boko Haram on March 3, the day the Islamist terror group said they would execute him.

Nigerian Pastor Beaten Unconscious After Refusing to Allow Traditional African Religious Ceremony in Church

A pastor was attacked and beaten unconscious by around 20 youths in the Ibaji area of Kogi State, Nigeria, after refusing to allow them to conduct a traditional African religious ceremony in a church building.

Buddhist Monks Demonstrated in Support of Myanmar Army Days Before Coup

Days before the military coup in Myanmar (Burma) nationalist Buddhist monks demonstrated in support of the army, also known at the Tatmadaw.

Indonesia Appoints Christian as New National Police Chief

Indonesia has appointed a Christian as the new National Police Chief, the first time that a member of a religious minority has held the post in nearly 50 years.

Indian State of Madhya Pradesh Passes New Anti-Conversion Bill

The Indian state of Madhya Pradesh adopted new anti-conversion provisions into state law with the passing of the Freedom of Religion Bill on 8 March, which brings into law the provisions of an earlier anti-conversion ordinance.

Church Confirms Release of Pastor Threatened with Execution

Chibok area EYN leader was taken captive by Islamic extremist militants in Nigeria.

Christian in Algeria Imprisoned for Cartoon on Facebook

Father for four sentenced to five years in prison.

Please pray for Uyghur Christians, and all those caught in the Uyghur holocaust

This is why it is crucial for the voices of faith to be heard, proclaiming with clarity that they are not trying to defend any partial or exclusive vision but are speaking, protesting and praying for the good of all. That is why we are here today.’
The Rt Hon and Rt Rev Rowan Williams


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