2020 March

This week, please pray for Pakistan
USCIRF Condemns Use of Uighur Muslim Forced Labor in China and Urges Congressional Response
USCIRF Releases New Factsheet on International Crimes Against the Rohingya of Burma
Sudan Orders Removal of Church Committees Appointed by Bashir Regime
Islamist Leader Wants Dialogue With Indonesia’s Persecuted Christians (BosNewsLife Exclusive)
USCIRF Releases New Report on Religious Freedom Conditions in Nicaragua
Perilous Times for Muslims in India
Nigerian pastors are training for ministry in a violent country
USCIRF News Digest - March 10, 2020
USCIRF Releases New Report on Religious Freedom Conditions in Cuba
Iran: Few believers among Iran’s prisoner release
Nepal: living in the shadow of India
Christian Rohingya Refugees Attacked, Kidnapped in Bangladesh
Freed Christian Pakistani brick-kiln families free other families from bonded labour!
Iranian Christians call for prayer as 70,000 prisoners including Christians to be released over coronavirus risks
Vandals damage church building interior on Greek island of Lesbos
Pakistani Christian farm labourer tortured to death for washing at Muslim-owned well
Pastor Tied to Tree and Beaten for Hours by Extremists in Southern India
Elderly Christian Receives Additional Prison Sentence
Chinese Catholics Face Church Closures
Pair Targets Egyptian Christian Girls
Sudan: 'Path of Change' is Dangerous And Fragile
Former Muslim from Sudan Forced into Hiding
UN Sec. General’s “biggest data gap in the world” affects persecuted Christian women
USCIRF Delegation Travels to Azerbaijan to Assess Religious Freedom Conditions
Christian Leader in Madhya Pradesh, India Run Over by Motorcycles, Sources Say
Join Us for the 2020 Global Day of Prayer for Burma
China: Shandong authorities ban online preaching
Indonesia’s Pentecostal Leader: ‘Accept Muslim Attacks’
Please Pray for Burma

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