2020 August

Terrorists thrive in Nigeria; countdown to chaos underway
Pastor, 16-Year-Old Girl among 11 Christians Killed in Kaduna State, Nigeria
Local Officials in Nepal Order Halt to Construction of Church Building
Appeal Lost for Iranian Christian Couple
Monastery Fights Against Government-Sent Land Grabbers
China Raids Moms Group Held at Home
Indonesian Catholic Prosecuted Second Time for Blasphemy
Nigeria (3): Corruption is Killing Nigerian Christians
NGOs say changes to Sudan’s Islamic laws don’t go far enough
Criminal charges brought against online churches in China
Christians lose as Hindus, Muslims face off in India
As Outcry Grows, 37 More Christians Killed in Nigeria
Angry scenes in Punjab after Pakistani Christian man arrested for “blasphemy”
Pakistani court returns kidnapped Christian girl, 14, to Muslim man who forced her into marriage
Ex-senior banker claims Nigerian government “unwilling and unable” to protect Christian farming communities
Landslide victory of Buddhist nationalists in Sri Lanka opens door for anti-conversion bill
Christian Hospitalized for More than Two Weeks after Assault in India
Hong Kong media tycoon arrested!
Court rules homeschool mom must send children to school
Muslim in Nigeria moved by Christian’s radical kindness
Islamic law puts Christian girls at risk in Pakistan
USCIRF Releases New Report about Religious Prisoners in Turkmenistan’s Gulag
Muslim Fulani Attacks in Nigeria Displace Local Missionarie
Please pray for Iranian Prisoners of Conscience Exposed to COVID-19 in Prison
Verdict in Pakistan Portends More Forced Marriages/Conversions of Christian Girls
Hard-Line Hindu Neighbors Attack Pastor and Guests at His Home in India
Prayer Alert: Pakistani Court rules 14-year-old Christian girl should remain married to alleged abductor
USCIRF Releases Iran Factsheet Highlighting Senior Sanctioned Officials Responsible for Egregious Religious Freedom Violations
Oppressed Christians Struggling Under Covid
Lebanese start to rebuild without help from their government

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