2020 August

COVID-19 and Christianity surge in Iran
(Part 2) Korean balloon launch investigations explained
Christians in China Forced to Replace Christian Items with Portraits of President
Gunmen Killed Four Christians in Bayelsa State, Nigeria
Christian Arrested on Blasphemy Charges in Pakistan
Underground Bishops Banned from Officiating Funeral
Six People Killed in Northern Burkina Faso
Nigeria (2): Insecurity Enables Terrorist Expansion
USCIRF Condemns Death Sentence for Yahaya Sharif-Aminu on Blasphemy Charges
Korean balloon launch investigations explained (Part 1)
Lebanon’s government steps down after Beirut explosion
Nigeria: Boko Haram has killed more people than the Islamic State
Mission Cry encourages persecuted Nigerian Christians
Curfew collusion with Fulani militants as “genocide” unfolds in Nigeria with 33 Christians killed in new multiple attacks
Children among six killed as bomb explodes on road in northern Burkina Faso
Show loyalty to party or stay shut, Chinese authorities’ ultimatum to Henan churches
Two Kazakh pastors appeal to president to save churches from seizure
China: Christian given 10 days behind bars for 'illegal evangelism'!
China: Catholic couple missing
Pakistani Court Orders 14-Year-Old Christian Girl to Be Returned to Her Abductor
Praise God and continue to pray for Eritrea
Pakistan celebrates a murder, but Christ’s kingdom is rapidly growing
Pastor in Nepal Released After More Than Three Months in Jail
Three Self Church in Anhui Faces Cross Removal, Preacher Detained
Turkey Creates Religious Freedom Propaganda Video
House Church Attacked by Mob of Radicals in Northern India
Nigeria (1): Christian Crisis in Kaduna
Ambassador Sam Brownback will Receive 21Wilberforce 2020 Frank Wolf International Religious Freedom Award
Indian Hindu extremists murder Christian mother protecting daughter from sexual assault
At least 18 murdered as they slept in Boko Haram stealth raid on Christian community in Cameroon

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