Despite anti-conversion laws, Nepalese Church stays strong
ChinaAid welcomes Kazakh refugee family
CCP security officers continue to monitor "freed" previously twice-imprisoned Pastor Huang Yizi
Christian Schoolgirl Entering Third Year in Captivity
Seven Christian Families in India Displaced After Refusing to Renounce Faith
Five Kenyan Churches Burned Down in a Week
Turkey Targets Christian in North Cyprus
Iran: Christians as Enemies of The State
Thousands of Karen Christian Villagers Flee Military Bombardment in Myanmar in Wake of Military Coup
Hindu Extremists Viciously Beat Indian Pastor and Congregation During Sunday Worship
Indian Pastor Assaulted by Two Government Workers After “Anti-Conversion” Accusations
Indian Government Says It Has No Plans for National Anti-Conversion Law
Church Building in Nepal Demolished by Government While Adjacent Hindu Temple Left Intact
Further Restrictions on Online Bible Sales as Chinese Government Cracks Down on Independent Merchants
Religious Freedom Alarms Raised Over Proposed Compulsory Translation Law for Danish Churches
Charges Fabricated against Pastor, Others after Assault, Sources Say
Hearing Reminder on 2/10: Refugees Fleeing Religious Persecution
Five Churches Burned Down in a Week in Kenya
CCP security officers detain human rights activist Li Qiaochu; charge her with “subverting state power”
Unidentified lawyer for human rights Lawyers Ding Jiaxi and Xu Zhiyong reveals CCP has tortured both men
Police Hamper Prosecution of Accused Killers of Christian, Sources Say
IRAN | Christians Ordered to Stop Meeting
FMI sends team into dangerous area of Kenya
Shandong Province orders: Do not publish audios and videos of preaching from online gatherings/services
Trial scheduled for February 9 regarding CCP charges of “operating an illicit business" for Geng Xiaonan and her husband
Imprisoned Pastor Wang Yi's poem, Miss my Son, reflects our Heavenly Father's love
Update: ChinaAid strongly condemns CCP's forcible removal of cross of 100-year-old Shuixin Church
One new case of COVID-19 prompts the Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau to suspend all “Christian venues”
Please continue to pray for Burma
Military coup is terrible news for Myanmar’s 4.4m “forgotten” Christians

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