Shi Minglei, the wife of Cheng Yuan, a human rights defender, recounts her battle "fighting terror with faith"
Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls are Freed
Pastor's Relatives Raped after Imam's Wife Turns to Christ
Freed on bail after 4 years in jail; no evidence Pakistani ‘liked’ blasphemy Facebook post, aged 16
What does the military coup in Burma mean for the persecuted?
Police raid Chengdu Fountain of Life Church during Sunday worship service; seize Elder Zha Changping, his wife, and three other Christians
Turkey’s Directorate of Communications Releases Report Justifying Genocide
House Church in Chengdu Raided on Sunday, Five Christians Taken to Police Station
Kidnapped Pastor Set Free Hours Before Scheduled Execution
Citizens Flee Dikwa, Borno State Amidst Terror Attacks
Algeria: Fragile State - Intense Spiritual Struggle
Christian Mother Expelled from Village, Threatened with Death
Kidnapped Nigerian Pastor Released by Boko Haram March 5, 2021
Nigerian Pastor Beaten Unconscious After Refusing to Allow Traditional African Religious Ceremony in Church
Buddhist Monks Demonstrated in Support of Myanmar Army Days Before Coup
Indonesia Appoints Christian as New National Police Chief
Indian State of Madhya Pradesh Passes New Anti-Conversion Bill
Church Confirms Release of Pastor Threatened with Execution
ChinaAid endorses Call to Action; "calls" brands and retailers to denounce "ties" that support China's forced labor system
Tigray Christians serve those in need despite civil war
US senators condemn authoritarianism in Turkey
Plainclothes police raid Chongqing house church during Sunday service; church members publish urgent prayer request letter
Serikzhan Bilash: XinJiang's genocide, one reason CCP agents arrest three grandsons of Ospan Islamoğlu—for no reason.
Authorities plan to use the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party’s founding to strengthen political control of Catholics
Steel on Steel Radio & Podcast Network airs interview with Bob Fu: Religious persecution in China
Bob Fu: As National Security Court can arrest anyone; anywhere; anytime in Hong Kong for social media content—"We need to pray..."
CCP to demolish Yining Xinjiang’s Sacred Heart of Jesus Church—for failure to align with "sinicization"
Bob Fu Report premiere expands on recent news regarding religious freedom and rule of law in China
CCP Yunnan authorities continue to detain Poet Wang Zang and his wife for "inciting subversion of state power"
ChinaAid signs joint letter to Biden administration: Recommends a human rights approach to US-China policy

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