Proposed Azeri Amendments Threaten to Restrict Christians
Suspected Fulani Militants Attack Christian Mission School
Preachers from Zion Church in Beijing Arrested, Detained
Papua (Indonesia): 'Satan's Forces' Enter a Darkened Papua.
USCIRF Welcomes the Release of State Department’s 2020 International Religious Freedom Report
USCIRF News Digest - May 11, 2021
The Persecuted Church Stands Together
Updated Intercessory Prayer Message from Early Rain Covenant Church
Early Rain Covenant Church’s Prayer Request
The Ministry of Morning Star News
Pakistani Christian Nurses Fear for Lives After Accusation of “Blasphemy”
Gunmen Release Last of 39 Nigerian Students Kidnapped From Kaduna College
More Than a Million Reached by Barnabas With Call to Pray for India
This Wednesday: Hearing on Ending Genocide
Muslims seize Pakistani hospital chapel, threaten Christians
China ramps up campaign against religious freedom
Incredible video: Christian pastor dragged to jail for 'inciting' people to go to church
Kidnappings Terrorize Christians in Kaduna State, Nigeria
OPINION FU: 'Free' world must walk with persecuted faithful
CHINA | Church Leader Arrested on Fraud Charges
21Wilberforce releases 116th Congress IRF Congressional Scorecard
Please Pray for Pastor Niwas and Family and Church in India
Civilian Armenian POW Faces Terrorism Charges in Azerbaijan
US genocide declaration changes little for Armenians
Nepalese Church grows despite Hindu nationalist resistance
Herdsmen Kill Christians in Nigeria's Nasarawa, Plateau States
Join us on May 14 for Heros of Faith
UK: Praying to God could be made a crime, lawmakers threatened with legal action
Guangzhou Christian bookstore displays The Governance of China by Xi Jinping, as well as the CCPs “Little Red Book”
Pastor Jing Mingri (Beijing Zion Church): Those in chains for Christ will be completely free in Christ

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