Hindu Nationalists Hold Rally in India Advocating for Anti-Christian Violence
China, Shanxi: Churches Targeted for Persecution
Fulani Militants Accused of Planning “Systematic Extermination” of People Based on Ethnicity and Beliefs
Pastor Beaten by Extremists in Madhya Pradesh, India
Christians in Aceh, Indonesia, Call on Government to Settle Church Buildings Dispute
Four Chinese Christian Businessmen Convicted for Selling Audio Bibles
Local Officials in Qushan, China, Remove Crosses From Fishing Boats
Christian Books Officially Labelled as Extremist Material in Luhansk
Somaliland Christians Released After Offences-Against-Islam Charges Dismissed
Mother Beaten Unconscious for Leaving Islam, Marrying Christian
PAKISTAN | Mob Attacks Hindu Temple in Southern Punjab
CUBA | Pastor Transferred to Maximum Security Prison
Lawyer Chen Jiangang celebrates two years of freedom: "Xi Jinping’s era does not allow for real lawyers"
Pray for those in Sudan and Nigeria who face ongoing difficulties
USCIRF Releases New Report on Iran’s Escalation of Religious Repression
India: Dalits, religious minorities suffer under Hindu rule
Missing Catholic Girl in Pakistan Depicted as Married Muslim
USCIRF Conversation: New Report on Religious Freedom Violations in North Korea
Bob Fu, PhD.: "My study transformed me..."
Religious Affairs authorities fine Pastor Yang Xibo, and wife, Wang Xiaofei, 200000 yuan [USD: $30,938] for "organizing a gathering"
Qushan County officials forcibly remove crosses from Christian fishermen's boats
Two hostile Lüliang City procuratorates present obstacles to Lawyer Fang Xiangui meeting with Minister Zhao Weikai
Wenshui County Public Security Bureau authorities formally arrest Taiyuan Xuncheng Reformed Church leader—Zhao Weikai
Myanmar coup leader declares himself Prime Minister
US GOVT | CSW Welcomes Ambassador for International Religious Freedom Nomination
CUBA | Pastor Remains Detained Following Arrest
USCIRF Commends Targeted Sanctions Against Religious Freedom Violators in Syria
Sikhs Beat, Choke Christian Women in Northern India
Pastor in Northern India Receives Death Threats from Radicals
Series of Attacks Devastates Nigeria’s Plateau state

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