2022 March

USCIRF News Digest - March 8, 2022
USCIRF Releases New Report Highlighting Religious Freedom in Iraq
Christian Convert Assassinated in Iraq Following TikTok Video
Russian invasion brings threat of persecution to Ukraine
China: Authorities denied lawyer visitation to Chen Yunfei
Pastor Tied to Post, Beaten in Delhi, India
Chinese Woman Detained for Attempting to Share Gospel with Xi Jinping
Christian YouTuber Facing Ten-Year Sentence for Criticizing Islam
Three Christians Murdered by Islamic Terrorists in Chibok, Nigeria
Pastor Assaulted by Hindu Mob
Papua (Indonesia): UN experts call for 'urgent action'
Hardline Muslims Kill Evangelist at Open-Air Event
Editorial: Tired of Running
Three Christians Killed in Islamist Attack in Borno State, Nigeria
One Killed as Gunmen Kidnap Church Minister in Kaduna State, Nigeria
Iranian Christian’s Request for Retrial Dismissed by Supreme Court
PAKISTAN | Increased Protections Called for Shia Community
Afghanistan: Taliban threatens FMI partner
China further restricts religious content on internet
Church Building Locked, Leaders Arrested in Sudan
China: Two teachers released on bail, two teachers arrested with no update
Christian artist persecuted for voicing concerns over the chained woman case
Chinese human rights lawyer under house arrest and close surveillance for nearly three years
This Week At ChinaAid: Another Digital Battleground In The War On Jesus Christ
USCIRF Commends Release of Egyptian Religious Prisoner Reda Abdel Rahman
CUBA | Cuban Religious Leader Granted Entry to El Salvador
PAKISTAN | Online Event Celebrates Legacy of Shahbaz Bhatti
EGYPT | Quranic Blogger Released
Please Remember Myanmar/Burma in your prayers at this time.
Nigeria: Please lift up Professor Tarfa, in court tomorrow

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