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PERSECUTION NEWS HEADLINES - for three weeks ending December 12, 2020



Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Corporation (HSBC) freezes bank account of Good Neighbor North District Church in Hong Kong

On December 7, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Corporation (HSBC) froze the bank accounts of Good Neighbor North District Church and the account of Chan Hoi-hing (Roy Chan), the church's head pastor.

Chinese Communist Party's increasing, intense religious persecution leads members of one house church to exile from China

“China's President Xi Jinping has launched a war against faith.

USCIRF Releases Factsheet on Brunei

Brunei Factsheet – This factsheet highlights ongoing religious freedom issues in Brunei, primarily focusing on the Syariah Penal Code Order 2013, which came into effect on April 3, 2019.

Anti-Conversion Ordinance Approved in India’s Uttar Pradesh

Minorities Fear Escalation in Religiously Motivated Violence

Turkey Flaunts Human Rights Violations During Baku Visit

Joint Turkish-Azeri Military Victory Parade Foreshadows More Atrocities Against Armenians

U.S. adds Nigeria to CPC list after “a lot of religious-tinged violence”

Nigeria is on the U.S. State Department’s Countries of Particular Concern list for the first time.

Update: Attorney of Zhang Zhan, imprisoned Christian Lawyer, sees her deteriorating health due to torture: Call for her immediate release

On December 9, when Attorney Zhang Keke, representative for Lawyer Zhang Zhan, also an independent journalist, visited Ms. Zhang in Pudong District Detention Center in Shanghai on December 9, he discovered her health had deteriorated due to torture.

Addendum to: CCP authorities mandate that teachers in Wenzhou, Zhejiang sign “Public Pledge Form”—forbidding any religious belief

Recently, Chinese Communist Party CCP officials directed Wenzhou City school teachers to sign the “Teachers’ pledge form” affirming that they will not believe in any religion

Please pray for Egypt

Three staff members of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) were recently released from jail, following international pressure to secure their freedom.

Pastor in India Locked in Room and Left to Die

Hindu nationalists beat him and steal his vehicle.

USCIRF Releases Groundbreaking Report on the Enforcement of Blasphemy Laws Globally

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) today released a new report entitled Violating Rights: Enforcing the World’s Blasphemy Laws.

Death Threats for China Christian Freedom Campaigner

A leading campaigner for Christian freedom in China has received death threats and been hounded from his home, according to Release International.

US State Department Includes Nigeria as a Country of Particular Concern, Excludes India

India Receives a Hall Pass Despite Sharp Increase in Persecution

Two Iranian Christians acquitted after imprisonment

Two Iranian Christians have seen their prison sentences (a combined 10 years) overturned in the courts. Both were arrested during a raid of a house church in Tehran in 2018.

21 Christians Hospitalized Following Mob Attack in Central India

According to Morning Star News, 21 Christians were hospitalized after being attacked and brutally beaten by a mob in India’s Chhattisgarh state.

US House of Representatives Calls for the Global Repeal of Blasphemy, Heresy, and Apostasy Laws

House Resolution 512 Passes by Unanimous Consent

Pakistani Police Recover 12-Year-Old Christian Girl Five Months After Abduction

According to the Union of Catholic Asian News (UCAN), Police in Faisalabad, Pakistan recovered Farah Shaheen, a 12-year-old Christian girl who was abducted in June.

China’s Zhejiang Province Asks Teachers Not to Believe in Religion

Wenzhou city in China’s Zhejiang province, one of the cities in China that has the highest number of Christians, is reportedly asking its teachers to sign a pledge to not believe in any religion.

India: Beat, Boycott, Banish

Also updates on Nigeria and Pakistan

India’s latest “Love Jihad” law threatens all religious minorities

Police in India’s most populous state arrested 10 Muslim men under a brand new anti-conversion law, Reuters reports.

Pastor Zhang Boli, author of Escape From China, and Pastor Hong Yujian voice their support for Pastor Bob Fu, founder of ChinaAid

Pastor Zhang Boli, author of Escape From China and pastor of "Harvest Chinese Christian Church" in Fairfax, Virginia, joins Pastor Hong Yujian from Shanghai, a board member of ChinaAid living in Canada, to speak out for Pastor Bob Fu on YouTube.

At least 30 Congolese Christians murdered, ten raped in string of jihadi attacks

At least 30 Christians were killed, and ten young women and girls raped, in a string of attacks on five villages in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) by jihadi terrorists.

Six people killed in attack on Christian village in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Six people were killed in an attack on a Christian village in Kaduna State, Nigeria on Sunday 29 November.

North Korean Christian detention camp survivors give horrific accounts of torture

Horrifying accounts of the torture of North Korean Christians arrested for the “crime” of their faith have been given by survivors of the totalitarian regime’s brutality.

Pakistani Christian woman shot dead after refusing marriage to Muslim suitor

A Christian maid was shot dead, reportedly by her Muslim suitor, on 30 November after refusing to convert to Islam in order to marry him.

Long Ostracized Christian Withstands New Level of Persecution in India

Chhattisgarh a growing flash point for violations of religious freedom.

USCIRF Welcomes the State Department’s Designation of Nigeria among World’s Worst Violators of Religious Freedom

Encouraged to See Positive Movement in Some Countries

Turkey: Challenges Facing Christians 2016-2020

Joint Report Reviews Turkey's Religious Freedom Status

This Wednesday: USCIRF Hearing on Blasphemy Laws and the Violation of International Religious Freedom

Please join the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) for a virtual hearing about new findings from USCIRF’s upcoming report on the enforcement of global blasphemy laws and the multiple ways they mobilize violence against religious communities. 

Muslim mob attacks Christians in Egypt; both sides face prosecution

A handful of Christians could face charges following a recent attack in Minya, Egypt. On November 25, a large Muslim mob attacked believers’ homes and property because a young Christian man allegedly insulted Islam on Facebook.

ChinaAid supports legal defense for four Christians who manufactured Bible players—details in Shenzhen Bao’an People’s Procuratorate Bills of Indictment

Currently, as ChinaAid supports legal defense for FU Xuanjuan, DENG Tianyong, FENG Qunhao, and HAN Li, these four Christians who manufactured Bible players, remain detained in Bao’an Detention Center.

December 7 trial set for Lai Jinqiang, entrepreneur from Shenzhen, Guangdong detained for producing electronic Bible players, charged with “unlawful business operation”

On December 7, Brother Lai Jinqiang, entrepreneur from Shenzhen, Guangdong detained for more than a year and a half for producing electronic Bible players, will face the charge of “unlawful business operation” Bao’an People’s Court in Shenzhen.

Police in Pakistan Find Christian Girl Chained in Kidnapper's Home

Separately, Muslim suitor kills young woman for refusing him and Islam.



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